Gameplanning with ge5sterne - Part 4

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne makes a usersessionreview in the hand replayer of one of our members. Watch & Learn as ge5sterne takes each hand apart maticulously and discusses the pros & cons of each decision.


gameplanning hand history review series

Comments (12)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Doty


    fürst :D ... nice video like always
  • Doty


    in addition i prefere the session review ;)
  • Harnas31


    nice, thx
  • zaboo


    ~5:00 And what if Hero got 44? Call turn and continue only when board pairs?
  • ge5sterne


    @5: If you think Villian is capable of turning weak SD-Value into a bluff here, you could also call with AJ here, both hands will not beat much of his valuerange. With 44 we may be ahead against a thin c/r from AQ or A7,A4. So since 44 beats a few valuehands as well as all his bluffs + has a redraw vs flushes we obviosuly b/c the Turn while AJ without a redraw is closer to a b/f. If we call the River will depend on what you perceive Villian's valuerange to be and if he is capable of bluffing -> are we ahead often enough for the price we are getting? Obviously hard to give a general answer, as always in Poker ;)
  • sausage646


    really love these Gameplanning videos, hope to see more =]
  • autheking


    Great video sir, I love your series!
  • zaboo


    @6: Yeah, always the may might problem... Thanks for quick answer, looking forward to... MOAR! ;)
  • siweq86


    43:10 how sick was that!! If we have reads that he can bluff with nothing 100BB deep so shouldn't we fold preflop if we dont know how much can we bluffcatch him?
  • ge5sterne


    @10: As I said in the video, the calldown will be too light against many players who often will not bluff you off an Ace in a spot where your range is TP-heavy. Our hero apparently had a read on the villian, if not the calldown was sorta dicy ;)

    But to your question: If you know he is capable of running bluffs like these, why do you want to play weaker? You say you "donn't know how much we can bluffcatch him", but with a read the opposite is true: You just click call :D
  • William340


    disappointed that we did not get to see villain's hand where hero had 3d5d and turned the straight.
    around 36:15.
    he called the river x/r, I wonder what with.