Hellmuth/Matusow Strange Pre-Flop Chop

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Poker After Dark Cash Game - Season 7 Episode 46. Hellmuth and Matusow decided to chop up a massive pot before they even see the flop.


Chop hellmuth Matusow Poker After Dark

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  • jhachem


    - che tristezza phil hellmuth
  • jhachem


    secondo voi è più sbagliato il primo call su raise di jetten o la 4 bet alla 3bet di matusow?
  • amayaner


    usually we need to keep comments in English, but on this one, the best German description is: Kaspertheater
  • randoom666


    #4, and what does it mean?
  • MoRiDiNka


  • Canne


  • blonytair


  • KillingFlo


    und weiter wahrscheinlich spielt Mattusow sowieso mit der Kohle von Helmuth ..
  • Harnas31


    It's good to see that even for them money means something.
    I wonder what Durr would do. Would he agree ?
  • MathhNes


    @10 ofc he would agree. JJ is a favourite so why not take the 50/50
  • jimmy99x


    Good one
  • jackinbeat


    Big credit to Jensen proper pro keeping quiet, especially seeing they were taking so much back they were almost flipping for his money!
  • Benrenc380


    How did they know that they will play a coinflip?Or it was because they wanted to get the third players money?