Mizrachi Floats Hellmuth and Hits Runner-Runner

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  • kiromanAAKK


    Poor Phil! :D
  • Bierb4ron


    können die ma aufhören, mit den chipps zu klappern ....
  • EuanM


    Mizrachi pulls us the cash. So terrible for Hellmuth, really starting to feel bad for the guy... :D
  • Iveryyy


    nice laydown!
  • VanDenKaar


    for me its instant laydown..i think
  • amayaner


    I would've paid money for the call, and the following reaction!
  • MancaMulas


    everything happens to Phil
  • MancaMulas


    I hope all fish players watch this video and start to play 75o and call down to the river hoping to hit the straight :P
  • Doty


    never bluff a station :D
  • Maxippouce


    seriously, he never, never bluffs when he shoves river. Easy fold.
  • vvviktor


    whats the (pip) flop (piiip), set of (pip) 4s or (pip) Qs (pip+piiip) )))
  • vedder


    MancaMulas is right, but I'd do the same as Grinder only to see hellmuth lose. Really despise the guy
  • akun


    Ifhellmuth check in turn, only ok if thats for reraise after
  • obrutmaster


    Nice play on the turn for Grinder i definetly will use that!
  • Dodozz


    helmuth is just sux now, on the flop ok check but turn he should fire and fire so much!
  • RiverMeTimbers0


    i will never get tired of watching phil hellmuth get hit like that lol my face hurts from laughing.pure genius
  • DBrend


    Я просто в шоке.. и вообще не понимаю его.. Как можно было играть с 75о? Просто абсурд, ничего глупее не видел.. Может я чего-то не понимаю, объясните..
  • jimmy99x


    Phil always behave like a child
  • RGOD2


    He should have checked the Turn and Value Bet the river . But it is easy to say that from this Viewpoint . Especially when you hit .
  • RGOD2


    Then again I should not comment when I am only 4mins in to the Video
    . Easy fold for Phil
  • RGOD2


    Made the Smart Move to Deal himself Out , after that hand , Playing on tilt with Mike winding him up even more is Not good for any Bankroll .
  • PokerFaggot


    laughing and giving the dealer a 100 tip was a bad choice
  • Benrenc380


    What a lucky fish mizrachi play. :D
    and he gets his unbelieveable straight on the river.this reminds me of fishes of jokerstars.