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  • overbe


    "damn, i know these numbers very well.." :)
    Great video! Good quality, superior explanation of moves with SNGWiz!
  • JoJo0606


    Great vid. Lots of interesting things i never thought about before.

    Tnx :D
  • frzl


    as always a very long video but again it´s worth watching every single minute :). the 22s at party look like they might be beatable :)
    thanks for the vid.
    4/5 because you thought about folding K6s on the the bubble at 26:00. nit :P
  • jmackenzie


    double bubble good vid hope to see more
  • ManniXXX


    Good stuff, been waiting for a new $10-$30 vid for a while and Unam delivers :) Also great to see a sng wizard break down of that AA hand, I really wasn't sure xD
  • SecurityDrew


    Thanks Unam. Good analysis.
  • Nabukadnezar


    lol the AA part was funny as hell
  • mouse89


  • Olorion


    great vid Unam!
  • guiguistar


    Great vid.
  • AssadKamran91


    great vid! u should take u more time, it looks like ur in a hurry in the early/middle stage of the video. But great done anyway, liked it a lot!
  • txfoyochipz


    Nice vid again Unam!! Keep up the good work. Ur English is very good btw ;)
  • shaywh


    nice vid! personally i prefare to see more about the thought process during a hand and on the stages before getting ITM
  • pokerprons


    great video. I love the way you go through every hand, that's very useful.
  • bzzzhika


    Great video, thanks, really useful!
  • Liquidator78


    Great video, thanks. Here is what I already know but now also know that everything will be fine if I just strictly follow my knowledge.... Don't know why but sometimes I play some hands wrong, even I know that is wrong, don't trust to opponent and going broke. Practice I guess.
  • reds191


    Thanks for the video!

    Wished you would have talked more about the early blind-levels, since the End-game was pretty standard...
  • Blade90


    Hahahah, got me all confused on aces as you really sounded serious, and also I KNOW THESE NUMBERS VERY WELL... Great vid lots of great info imo, thx
  • Almonds79


    he didnt spot the straight on in first hand,6,7 for the nuts,whileanalizinghand at river,other than that,good advice
  • VladimirLaki


    Good video Unam thank you!
  • JohnTheGreatest


    Thank you, Unam!
    Really good video - your explanations are very well to understand and absorb.
    For me as SnG player it helps to develop my thinking and analysing skills through the all game stages.

    Thanks, man!
  • djd252


    when he made all in with 77 it was stupid action too.
  • diegopaulino


    Very good video.
  • kurrkabin


    Yo,Unam,its been a while since u posted that video,but I wanna tell you,man-best videos for novice and advanced Sng players are made by you!Good sense of humor as well :P
  • tokeweed420


    great info thanks bud
  • JotHughes


    Very interesting. Some of the detail over my head but a wealth of insight.
  • japonakis


    very good vid.
  • novic36


    At 44.00 fold "double belly buster"
    to a single bet is it OK?
  • martoman2k10


    thanks for the video, great explanation on the overcalling range when short stack is 1st in - one of the many leaks I'll need to plug :D
  • mariostoona


    long video but worth the time.Also the mathematics at some points were very complex but was a good video final.thanx..
  • Vitols666


    Really liked it!
  • jimmy99x


    good video
  • EdRandom


    good video, good English and great explanation talent!