Gameplanning with ge5sterne - Part 6

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In Part 6 of gameplanning, ge5sterne continues & concludes the two part sessionreview on iPoker. ge5sterne jumps right into the action and picks up where the cliffhanger left off; Ace-King off... Enjoy the video!


gameplanning hand history review series

Comments (12)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Nazgul


    really like your Videos, even so I am not playing NL just nice to watch them. keep them going :]
  • JojoDeluxe


  • Grossmeiseter


    min46.KQ: What about raising small to get max. value from fish on the river? I mean you dont expect to get rebluffed from the reg. especially because the fish ist all-in! and you have the "nuts" about 99% of the time!so i think small raise/folding is fine!
  • yomatiyo


    I think like 4, we could at least make a miniraise so the fish calls and the regular maybe folds or maybe calls, I dont wknown. I think some regs will call whit AQ cause they just dont know how to fold it.
    Are we calling the shove? no, we are making an amazing hero fold :coolface:
  • kozzmic


    Cant wait for the next. What are you planning after this serie?
  • ge5sterne


    @4,5: Interesting idea, especially since the Reg will almost never have us beat we probably should have raised. Problem with minraising may be that we hardly ever have the nuts or a buff and stronger opponents may rebluff. But then again they may choose not to, because it's hard for them to rep a credible valuehand given their line and the action.
  • yomatiyo


    Ge5sterne, I honestly belive that neader ONE reg of NL50 will ever rebluff us in that spot =)

    Maybe in 200+, I dont know, but in NL50 noone will never ever =)
  • globalcash


    after the KQ trips ,table 1 we flat QQ vs UTG and folded on Kh rb 3way.
    can u explain that?
  • ge5sterne


    @9: I flat the QQ Preflop because I intended to keep Villians range preflop as wide as possible, assuming he would fold most hands but the strongest part if I reraised in these positions. I am not always flatting there, but I want to have a more aggressive dynamic with a particular opponent in order to 3bet there.

    Postflop I usually would call the first bet, because he will be betting this board texture with most of his air. But given that he raised from UTG and is cbetting into two players and farily large I just decided to get out of the pot. I have a player left to act behind to me, who will complete a lot of Kx type hands from the BB and also the UTG raiser can have me in very bad shape. The question I ask myself here is: How often am I going to get to showdown AND be good? All I am basically hoping for, is that BB folds after I call and that UTG does not fire another bet. The spot looked more than marginal to me, given the odds we were getting and I like the fold.
  • Prophili


  • Maniatrix


    #8 I would, but if I played nl200 I would be too scared of the money to do it :p