James Bord Wins 2010 WSOPE Main Event

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James Bord wins the 2010 WSOPE Main Event.


2010 Bord James wsope

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  • MattKaufman


    Keep the comments in English please, and enjoy!
  • halabasa


    well....good game
  • Delonet


    First time i thinks thats James Bond .. i was like WTF?! :D
  • churchilland


    that guy in white t-shir is james bond? Jesus he lost a form
  • Harnas31


    3:09 basket full of cash
  • nathe


  • djpj1111


    really? I thought finals were always quiet, live on TV and stuff.

    This is just lots of people shouting while it's going on? Is this really WSOP?
  • KillBZ


    europe dip
  • i5bet72o


    #7: WSOP rails are always huge and super load. I personally would make the trip to vegas to rail if any of my friends were in the november 9.
  • RGOD2


    Why are they shouting 7 ? that will give the leader a higher straight ? I presume they are shouting for the underdog .
    An achievement in itself to get to the Heads up Phase
  • midajoh


    Massive difference in the money now for the winner.
  • todorangaby


    good game
  • Schmahonni