Maniac at SSNL - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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mbml explores the mindset behind the unknown players at NL100 PokerStars. mbml will go out of his way to create marginal spots for analysis and discussion and will use a loose and aggro style to push an edge over his opponents in marginal spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • pirozhock


    very nice, I had waited long for such vod, thx!
  • Falco35


    min 01:17 , why dont you Call K8s on table 4 on the Button against a CutOff OPR, but youre calling Q9s in the SB OOP on the right up table?
    Isnt it better to call K8s in Position than Calling Q9s OOP!?
    So please, tell me your toughts about these two hands.
    Youre just talking about 3Betting K8s but dont think about calling.
  • Falco35


    Or did you have some reads that the two Blinds at this Table "squezzehappy"
  • yomatiyo


  • yomatiyo


    si intresting spot the last one... cause if he bets something like 66 or 70% of the pot, we have to call cause he is doing that whit KQ or KT, but since he pots, I think the fold is great cause he is not gonna have busted draws so many times. I mean, a lot of draws will be so powerfull in that spot that will ch/r flop or turn, and, beside that, what was his idea? ch/c twice whit a draw and doing what on river oop? so given that fact I also belive that he has Jx a looot of times, and he will ALLWAYS call whit Jx in the turn, cause all his draws and your image.

    I love the mini5bet.. some reg do that to me in NL50 and I shove my KK, I was sorprised when I see him fold.. I did not see that mini5bet bluff ip a lot (we were deep also), but I will start to :coolface:
  • mbml


    Dont remember reads, but there are 2 major advantages:
    1) one less person behind to squeeze
    2) CO's range is probably way tighter. The average TAG has CO range of 20-25%, and BU range of 50%. From this you can see that in CO his range is going to be at least tighter by half. And a LAG probably has 30% CO and 70% BU.

    Of course if fish is in the blind, I Would call with K8s instead of 3betting but IMO its too weak to call, esp in aggressive midstakes games. Might still be ok if blinds are passive/tight and CO has a ton of postflop leaks. If not it's just not going to be that profitable of a hand to play vs a typical CO range.

    On the other hand, a Q9s type of hand can make top pair and also flop some gutshots to c/r bluff with vs a much wider range of hands.
  • mbml


    @6: please be more specific in describing hands, i would prefer you guys to describe the entire hand even so I don't have to try finding the hand which occured.

    if im guessing what you're saying correctly, people don't c/c c/c donk with TP3K type of hands so I wouldn't put that in his range too often
  • yomatiyo


    But I say it was the last spot =P, but ok, I will keep that on mind.

  • amayaner


    I have ONE tiny request: Don't start every video with "hey guys" ;-)
  • amayaner


    @mbml: I sent you a PM
  • amayaner


    Ah, now I see I can't send a text within the invitation for friends via Comtool.

    Btw, didn't know you were from Singapore. Been there quite often for business/holiday. Small world...
  • brittLOL


    #10 whats bad about it?
  • Dodozz


    i like ur videos, good job