Strategy Video - Odds and Outs

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  • NL BSS
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  • dontbustagain


    Nice 1 man
  • cjsilva


    Man This is amazing and very well presented, for new guys like me its just marvalous!!!
  • eddygunz


  • Pokermon82


    I don't understand Minute 7.
    1.) How is 3/1 = 2:1 ???
    2.) Which comparison do i use for comparison with the pot odds?
  • BreadWarden


    This is filed under BSS when it is clearly Fixed Limit. This video could be very confusing to BSS players who find this because it has small bets and big bets and when the guy goes over the odds charts he says you should be able to get these odds most of the time, or with such good odds you can play this draw aggressively, which is not the case at all for BSS.