SuperStars - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $6 - $16
  • Fullring
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In this new series by lessthanthreee, we are shown a two-part sessionreview at PokerStars, where he plays some $7 & $16 SnG's as well as some HU SnG's at the end of the series! Stay tuned!


ICM PokerStars Session Review

Comments (24)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • ickern


    really nice video. Do you plan to make a video at higher Stakes?
  • Guesswhat


    Nice vid.

    Slightly offtopic, but:
    42:22: HU (table 3), KJ, c/cF, c/cT:
    A "Gekkobluff" on the river is mandatory ;)

    Raskonlikov explained it quite interesting in his vid:
  • Falco35


    ^^...mandatory....mersennearys most used word
  • lessthanthreee


    @ ickern.

    Yeah that would be nice, I think ill do a 30-60s session next. got some other vids coming out before, but should be able to get it produced soonish.


    thanks for the tip :) now i just have to learn german . easy right?
  • aciddrop


    Yeah, nice one as usual.

    Just with the HU in bottom left, second last hand you river a straight and bet/fold for half your stack. Maybe just
    an oversight, but unless you somehow read him on the slowplayed flush, in which case it is check behind the river, it is a bet/call for sure I think. It can never be a bet for value if you are folding.
  • terfus


    thanks för a great vid, look forward to see more videos from u :)
  • lessthanthreee



    yeah that hand was weird. i think during the hand i felt i could get villain to hero call a small raise with worse, its an easy river to bluff raise and i was hoping he would just crying call with some kind of SD value. i think im chopping at best when he 3bets because hes never bet/shoving worse. doesnt matter how much of my stack ive got in there because there are no more cards to come, no pot odds other than villains bluff %. and because i think that is zero and im not getting odds to call fot a split, thats why i raise/folded. i think flatting the river is a bit weak when we can definitely be bluffing if we raise that river. if i think hes good enough to rebluff then obviously flatting is the better option because i cant really raise/call readless.

    like i said in the video, im no HU expert. maybe im way off and its a standard flat on the river. i tend to go for thin value too much in some spots without reads.
  • Guesswhat


    @5: Nope, German is quite complicated.
    So let's hope for a translation into English ;) .

    But as played (checked on flop and turn) we have a good spot to bluff. Villains range is very wide AND weak. If we bet 50 % of the pot we only need 33% FE.
    Among other things Raskolnikov pointed out, that many players don't bluff often enough in these spots (HU vs. a weak range on the river, if flop and turn have been checked).
  • Proky11


    BR in 6:20 KQs I am shoving this all the time with 9bb. Am I spewy?

    btw. you have nice pop-up showing your bankroll ;)
  • lessthanthreee



    KQs is close. i think you can get away with shoving it as the bottom of your range there.
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the good video!
    4:43 we also have a gutshot, so even better equity wise :)
  • jasonforan


    @ 44:10 67o can your really fold for 455 chips there with the straight with that much in the pot? What did you put him on flush? J9?
  • oblitron


    Great video, lots of interesting spots, very clearly explained. Thank you!
  • herekPL


    in 1st HU why are you raising pre that much hands vs OP who calls a lot, and dont give up easy post? Have You ever conisder limping IP
  • SuhtPaska


    22:22 Push 66 (norm). SB calls w/ KJs. After you say your bottom range for push would be KTs. I would be tempted to push a bit wider, or? Blinds just got higher (you have 6bb) and you are actually HJ - not EP ;) and next hand you are BB. So maybe even marginally -EV push. Maybe SB was thinking that. Even thou not a good call...
  • lessthanthreee



    I could limp, probably should have mixed in a few limps to see how he reacts. wasnt really concentrating on the HU games that much during this session.


    I think with our 6bb eff stack we still have 1 more round of decent fold-equity before shipping many more suited kings. you can probably get away with shipping K9s. but i think a hand like K8s/K7s starts getting too -EV in this spot. we are not that desperate just yet and we still have really profitable spots to shove next orbit in LP (i prefer to take those).
  • DorfDisko


    @4:43 is it really good to count kings as an out here? it could be possible that villain holds an J so a K would give him a straight. shouldn't we rather count any J as an out for us?
  • FlashDavin


    Make more videos please! These are so informative for me as a player very new to SNGs.

    Thanks so much lessthanthree <3
  • goldchess


    6:20 I also always shove KQs there, did looked at some ranges and even if the BB is calling us super wide (44+,A7s+,A9o+,KTs+,QJs+,KJo+) it is still around breakeven. And this wide a calling range seems pretty unlikely given he is not a big stack. The other players are all multitablers/tight so I doubt they are calling wider than 99+ AQ+
  • goldchess


    6:50 J5s seems like quite a close spot to me, with antes this is a snap shove, but here we seem a little deep
  • goldchess


    7:38 65o shove, pretty similar to the J5s I guess, our hand is a lot worse but we are a bit shorter. I looked at some ranges and even if they are reasonably tight (11% and 14%) its still a slightly losing play. Maybe I'm out of touch with people's calling ranges here though, been playing 180s recently where people call much wider :)
  • goldchess


    22:05 pretty tempted to shove Q6s there, think its really close either way
  • goldchess


    Was going to comment a ton on the heads up matches, but guess I should restrain myself :D