HU Community Challenge: The Last Insyder

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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As a result of our community offer to duel with insyder19, we present a user review video with TheLastNail & insyder19 for the purpose of improvement in our Heads-up game. Enjoy the video & leave some feedback for the guys!


Multicoach User Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video & post any feedback you have!
  • yomatiyo


  • yomatiyo


    Min 4:00, why not 3beting ATo for value?
  • JimmyChances


    Great video. Hope to see more. I'm in the process of moving from 6max to HU. I'm interested in finding out what good preflop stats are for HU. eg. PFR % from SB or BB, and also a standard 3betting %? What is a good flop check raising percentage for Heads Up play? Are there any videos/articles on optimal HU stats?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 39:00, I think we have enought information about him calling 3bets and bluffing also for 3betting something like Q7s.. dont u think is just too optimistic to keep 3beting that hands against him?.
  • insyder19



    there is no real reason to 3bet ATo here or NOT to 3bet ATo here. In HU you want to have a balanced calling as well as 3betting range OOP. Therefore you gotta mix it up. You can 3bet AA/78s/QTo as well as flat them preflop at times. That was pretty early in the match and I wanted to see how he plays postflop in single raised pots.


    The stats you play really depend on your opponent and how deep you are. The deeper you are the less you should be 3betting OOP vs a competent player. The more someone cbets the more you should be c/r him, the more someone opens his btn the more you should be 3betting him. If someone opens only 50% of his btns, meaning he plays mostly strong hand, the less you can 3bet him with a wide range.


    Yea it is optimistic. I probably 3bet because I wasn't 3betting for a while and wanted to pick up the aggression. You really want to 3bet at the right time to build up an image in HU. Say you havent been 3betting for a long time, you can start 3betting lots of crap in order to get action when you pick up a good hand as he will start 4betting at one point or calling and raising lots of flops.
  • UssuriTiger


    translate to Russian pls))
  • yomatiyo


    great vid btw =P
  • veeRtje


    good video
  • nylmka


    Very interesting video. I really enjoy it. I have same questions about your post-flop play:
    1- If your 3bet preflop with a weak hand and he is ofen calling, why dont you Cbet in a KKx flop? 38:00 I mean, you just 3bet for steal preflop?
    2- If you call in the bb whit Ax and Kx, why you fold to the Cbet in a paired flop? Is it for the % of second barrel of this oponent(in this case it was really high)?
    Thank you
  • chenny8888


    great video, thanks :) NLHU is by far my weakest game and it was good to see my biggest leak (imo) fixed in the first 5 minutes of the video (trying to take too many bad hands to showdown!)
  • chenny8888


    NLHU 100bb deep that is*
  • insyder19


    # 10

    The problem on KKx flop is that he will float/call with A high/pair too much so the cbet isn't gonna show a profit. I would have to triple barrel and I know he will call down pretty light given it's a video and I don't care about those stakes, etc. Also I cannot really represent much on this flop.

    The reason I folded more on the flop is because he was barreling quite much, I think I said it in the video. I def had to adjust in the end of the video and call more with made hands on the flop and raise/fold weaker hands. But again would have to balance that.
  • Kuroari


    Would absolutely love to see 2~3part video against TLN.... Just like the one you did with elephant(which was one of the best HU video series ive seen)
  • P0k3rSTaR1000


    25:13...nuff said
  • JL1992



    here is the german coostgaard
  • Dodozz


    Good game