A Little Review: ihufa

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Heads-up
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Our Coach & MTT-Legend, JonathanLittle, makes a review of a $200 Heads-up MTT played by our community member ihufa. Enjoy the first part & please leave your feedback for the guys!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy Jonathan's review of ihufa's Heads-up MTT!

    Please leave any feedback for Jonathan in English.
  • Falco35


    min 09:14
    I agree! Definately a Call on the Flop with AK
  • fusionpk


    I think ihufa realises that his opponent know that ihufa has been folding alot of Ts and Rs, and this is why he can make the calldowns, especially when for example the K falls. Villain is never valuebetting worse than Kx, and Kx+ is a small portion of his range when his range is so wide. His range being wide obviously because the K is a good card to barrel.

    Also I think ihufas preflop 3b sizing vs minraises is much better than a smaller sizing. His range is weighted way more towards value hands since he is much less inclined to be bluff raising because there is less to win (since he mr's). ihufa is out of position and by keeping SPRs big as u suggest he increases his positional disadvantage. Also, he wants to make it easy to get stacks in, and the pot builds so much quicker on later streets if u make it just a little bigger pre. Also u allow him to play perfectly vs u if u start giving him the right preflop size esp IP.

    About 3b'ing JTs I couldn't think of many worse hands to 3b tbh. I understand that maybe if ur playing a mega drooler deep then u could 3b to expand ur value range or something, but really, 3b'ing at these stack depths is terrible. This hand plays so well in single raised pots, with big SPRs, and can make u alot of money. If u start 3b'ing this hand, u just have terrible reverse implied odds and get in awkward spots with draws.

    Also, I think opening rly wide on BTN p/f is fine vs majority of villains, until u get to reshove stacks where clearly u need to tighten up.
  • yoshiwa


    At the point on 6:00 where we jam 33 i think we might have indeed an edge doing so , but dont you think this way you ifact give up some edge by shoving?
    What i mean is when he calls it will always be a flip or you will be dominated , and the HU match turns alot in his favor.
    Doing so worsens your odds to win the match alot , and for all we know villain is bad , so we have an edge on him , so we dont need to search for high variance plays because are less +ev then folding and outplaying him in later spots?
  • ihufa


    In the last hand you say i go broke vs all his value hands and that's the disadvantage of calling down, yet you say you c/jam the flop urself i don't understand... u don't mention that the guttshots and oesd brick and that the K is a good barrel card and how polarized his range is.

    I'd love if you'd try to assess their ranges sometimes and think about what the optimal line against those would be
  • JonathanLittle


    With 33, I think pushing is fine because we have a ton of fold equity plus we dont want our opponent to constantly 3bet us. If we let him know we will play back, ideally he will play more weak and passive.

    With 300 in the pot on the final hand, picking up the pot is never a bad thin and you will often have at least 25% equity when called. It is basically like pushing with a straight draw or something like that.
    You also dont let your opponent see two free cards with their random overcards, which is important because they will often outdraw your mid pair. I would like a check call down vs this guy with something like A9 because there are then a few less cards your opponent can get to win.
    I think more often than not, your opponent is going to have a hand like he had, overcards plus backdoors and you would probably be happier just getting him to fold.
  • Tim64


    Nice vid guys. Thanks.