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overpair overpairs Session Review

Comments (26)

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  • kukkiwonBG


    Very nice video
    Thanks hasenbraten
  • chriss88


    love the comment: "why does the dog lick his balls-because he can". Amazing what we compare to poker:D

    Nice video :)
  • kaisersoze83


    Thanks a lot, hasenbraten.
    I wait a video like this from a long time.
  • xredsparrowx


    I havent missed a video if its from hasenbraten. I have learnt a lot from him, THANK YOU A LOT!
  • Badeacata


    nice video... go go go good job!
  • MagicH


    very nice video, reading the articles and then viewing the video helps me a lot.


    Thanks for the video , because i lose to many pots with big pairs , i will learn from this :) Are there more video's to come ? I hope so :)
  • mitchbeach


    The vidéo i needed...Tx
  • kaisersoze83


    can you make video like this on :
    - suited connectors
    - small pair when dont it set on the flop
    - hit set on the flop
    - double pair
    - TPTK vs a raise
    - draw

    Your videos are great, thanks a lot and continue to make videos.
  • Sedeete


    GREAT video !

    Tx a lot, hope to see others like this one !
  • EliasVeritas


    If hasenbraten stops making videos, I stop playing poker!
  • swampyking


    Absolut excellent video !!!!!

    This was exactly what i needed. Very interesting and some very common situations that i now can take advantage of :)
  • BiteMe88


    why dont i have membership status to watch this video im bronze !?
  • SoyCD


    @11: The video is as of silver status
  • Maniatrix


    I learn more from these videos than session reviews, good job.
  • LoLBoT


    Great video, excellent :)

    All the situations that we can find in our sessions.

    Thank you very much!!
  • TheBrood


    Thank you for today's class, hasenbraten!
  • jonnyjm


    Thanks hansenbraten,

    I agree with an above request...
    it would be great if you can do a video on suited conectors in position and out.
  • JoaoMartins


    Spectacular video. Please keep them coming. Thank you, Hasenbraten
  • giraffe1977


    I saw some realy new thinks but I just started BSS ;) . Pocket Rockets OOP folden after a flop bet,raise and a check bet on the turn. Am still going broke with a over pair, should check if this is +ev because were I play average playing is very loose
  • looserbaby79


    another great and very helpful video
    thx Hasenbraten
  • Rienk


    Long time i had problems with overpairs when ''some'' guy raises. but now after this vid i really understand what to do

    thanks hasenbraten !!
  • MikeB570


    Very good video. I really enjoy videos like this. Thanks a lot
  • Dante63s


    Great video!
  • HannesNL


    I love these theoretical video's without seeing the outcome! It really gets you thinking, and you certainly enlightened me with information in awkward situations.
  • mjkirwan1980


    Great video :)