Moving up in PLO - Part 6

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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New videoseries by suitedeule. He will start on PLO10 progressing through the stakes accompanying each with a practical and theoretical take. Ideal for anyone new to Omaha. The sixth part continues on PLO50.


Moving Up in PLO series Titan Poker

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest part of Moving up by suitedeule! Please leave your comments & feedback below!
  • jackruby666


  • MonkeySam


    ty alot
  • Gothicrow


    Hi, very nice videos! First of all, I apologyze for my english.

    In min 35 table 6, you go all in on flop with top 2, What ranges do you give him to do that move profitable? because you only have about 38% equity against something like this:

    JJ**, KK**, AcQsTc*, 9cTcQK, 89TcJc, 8TQK, 9TQ*, AcTsQh9d

    So maybe with your hand, you could call the raise and get the money in on a save turn; or if he is agressive and you think he is going to barrel any turn, then you could let him bluff or semibluff.

    I ask you, because the SPR on the flop is 7 and you need something like 46% or 47% equity to be breakeven.

    Thank you for the answer!
  • suitedeule


    i need 42% equity on the flop because hes only half stacked (23,68 into 56,73) but its still very close and ur makign a good point.

    i think ur equity sim is sort of accurate but def misses KJ in it as well, i think he will def c/r this w/ his half stack oop. depending on how many KJ combos u give him (KJ** is obv unrealistic as hes very tight preflop) our equity goes way up.

    still calling and waitnig for a save turn is def a good option and i dont really liked how quickly i jammed the flop w/o even considering it, u just have to realize that our equity only barely shifts (w/ ur range) to 40%
  • apopt


    15:25 4th table. Why the fold is so bad with this rundown? Aren't we gonna be dominated a lot postflop? and it will be hard to play oop against 2 opps. So what are the main reasons for calling oop? Thank you.
  • suitedeule


    well main reason is that i expect his button 3betting range to be pretty wide (as it later turns out if i remember right)

    hes going to have a ton of runs below KQJ9 we actually dominate in his range and given the lower SPR a) we are going to get action from those a ton and b) the positional disadvantage is lower because there is less room for manourvering postflop