Turn It Up - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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In this new double-barreled series by Byron, we are focusing on advanced Fixed-Limit play on the Turn. Part two will conclude the theory side of things on this subject along with some hand history review.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy Part two of Turn Play with Byron! Please leave your feedback below.
  • STYLE51


    i dont know why u talk 15 minutes about nobrainer calling cbet BvB with flopped midpair.
  • ByronJacobs


    #2 It’s actually about 8 minutes but it’s a fair question. It’s my opinion that the best way to improve at FL is to analyse situations in some depth. In NL and tournament play the weak players can often make absolutely horrible plays and so having a “good, solid” style is usually enough to be +EV (certainly at the lower limits). In FL, because of the betting structure, it’s quite difficult for weak players to make these “horrible” mistakes. Therefore to have an edge at anything beyond the low limits I think it’s very important to try to understand situations (even obvious ones) quite deeply as finding the most accurate plays is where your edge comes from. This is my own particular “learning” style and it’s how I like to present my material as I believe this approach is the most productive for players wanting to improve at FL. Nevertheless, you are right - it's still a bit long and I'll try and tighten up in future.
  • MacRolb


    in french it's possible?
  • huszonnyolc


    I am really satisfied with the video, 'cause it is not only useful in those few hands, but the thinking process can be escalated for all HU situations - where most profit lays in FL (SH).