Maniac at SSNL - Part 4

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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mbml explores the mindset behind the unknown players at NL100 PokerStars. mbml will go out of his way to create marginal spots for analysis and discussion and will use a loose and aggro style to push an edge over his opponents in marginal spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final part of "Maniac at SSNL", please leave your feedback for mbml
  • Dodozz


    I like your videos, it is much to learn from you.. good job!
  • vibreaza


    love your play! declared fan! keep it up and please continue uploading sessions!!! Thanks!
  • yomatiyo


    Min 19:00, why u call preflop whit 22 in BW oop? how do u play that hand? I almost allways 3bet or fold, except against really bad player that I have reads, cause is just too thought to play 22 oop as a bluff, or getting value f we hit our set.
    What is your plan for calling preflop? ch/r a lot of boards?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 38:00, why u are autofoling to a 2.5x 3bet from a poster whit A4s? u dont thin that u can profitabily call even oop whit your hand whit that good odds?.

    U have to put 6usd in 15.5usd, 6/21.5usd, that means 27% of the times you whould win the hand.

    U think it is just too close? I mean, we have postflop edge and a good hand against his QQ KK, and we can win agains Ak o AQ if noone hits.

    Or u think beeing oop and him not beeing fully stacked make this an std fold?.

    I just LOVE your videos... u are one of the most good teachers of this school.. and I love the notepad analizis.
  • apopt


    Thanks for the vid!

    23:51 KJs 3 combos, not 4, cos we've got one king on the board.
  • apopt


    and 24:29 QJs 4 combos, not 3, cos our Ts doesn't affect it.
  • apopt


    yomatiyo, 38:00: you must have missed a 4bet from SB in this spot
  • yomatiyo


    #8, no, he (mbml) was autofolding BEFORE the SB 4bets.. he has allready the button of "fold" clicked =P. That is way I say "autofold".
  • mbml


    #4: Villain doesn't seem to be overly aggro and seems straightforward. I can fight for the lower flops. Defending low PP OOP is also ok against villains who open wide on BU and don't barrel a lot, so your pair has good showdown value vs villain.

    #5: To defend such marginal hands, it's better to get a better grasp of your opponent's tendencies. It's not like AQ or TT where you can definitely play it profitably as long as villain has a certain 3bet%.
  • nopi


    "7 to win 12.85"
    should say
    "7 to win 7 + 12.85"

    and please 24:38 ... don't use pokerstove, use Equilab :)

    btw. thumbs up for you notepad analysis