Check-Raise Range Expansion

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In our new Diamond video from our NL-Legend "leatherass", we look at the technique of the expansion of our check-raising range in the replayer format. Enjoy the video!


reraised pot postflop

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from Leatherass! Please leave any feedback & questions you may have below.
  • Spontann


    Interesting would be If You would say what You doing if You get called at hand would You keep barreling, if yes witch cards bacause even regs from nl100 are able to call for example BTN vs BB or CO vs BB @8A2r /w 87 and hand like this so most interesting would be what if...he call flop and this cards going to barrel or on this guy just c/f c/f and why. Also more hands when You c/r this kind of hands and flops and get called what You do when getting mini re raise on dry board.
  • Fox128


    hand 1: like 2 days ago I posted a hand where I c/r AJ on A99s which should be quite similar to this spot. I think there are some really good arguments to do it. Same on AK6s.

    However, someone pointed out, that if you do that, your c/c range suffers from it... what do you think about that?
  • Fox128


    Oh yeah maybe you do it just sparingly? But what do you think about doing it always?
    (against a range as loose as CO's)

  • fidelloz


    what's your plan if FD completes on the river in the 1st hand 7:30 ? Would you vbet your AJ , would you check/fold or check/call?

    If your opponent puts you on FD you will not extract any value. Since your range is mostly weak and consists of marginal holdings he might 3bet you light and get it in lightly with xd6d or hands like Td9d.

    So when he calls he most often has a hand like yours. Right ? If you could elaborate on that I would very much appreciate it.
  • goldfishoo


    Nice video
    I did C/R more after watching this w/ great results.
    Would enjoy to see another one where you do get called after you C/R, and some multi way pots w/ the same action.
  • Leatherass9


    Fox, I don't think check calling is where money is made in poker and I would place little to no emphasis on protecting that portion of my range. I think that check raising with a hand like AJ on an ak6 board to button steals is a very good play in today's poker climate. You can sure get a lot more value out of the hand that way and also hopefully allow you to both bluff more and also check raise with monsters and possibly get paid off a little more often.
  • Leatherass9


    @ Fidelloz I am probably check folding unless I think my opponent can turn worse hands into bluffs in which case it is close between a check call and check fold. I think in this spot my opponent will mostly take the showdown with a weaker ace if I check the river, so I think that check folding will be in order

    @gold nice work!
  • Spitzbuben


    in general you seem to have small betsizing. are you balancing that? lets take the AT hand for axample. are you betting the turn that small with a set or an overpair too? what about a pure bluff like KQo or KQs which turned a bdfd..?
  • Vinny80


    Very nice video Leather, this will be my homework of the week, ch/ra more... let's see if I pick good spots!
  • LooserSR


    super vid, keep em coming sir
  • EverSteel


    Hello Leatherass,

    In the last example no opponent will fold Kx to a c/r, but he's got enough kings. What is the plan for the hand?