Faarout Scenarios: Heads-up vs. Recreational

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $105
  • Heads-up
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In faarcyde's new video, heads-up SnG's with $100 will be played against recreational players.



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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback below!
  • filipetheman


    i liked the video.

    first of all i usually dont atack limps as often in the beginning i find it very sub-optimal raisig A2o etc for a couple of reasons:
    - usually fishes are limp calling so your just playing bigger pots OOP with a weaker range
    -i dont want do discourage players from limping
    -i create a tighter image to atack limps in higher blind levels when it does make a diference in ou stack, cos we dont acomplish much with gaining 1 BB when were deep, but later 1 BB does make quit a diference

    minute 3:26 you re raise JTo against unknown, first i think there are way better hands to 3bet light with and second i feel you just sacrifice to much value from playing JT post flop. i do agree that the first 3bet tend to have more credit tho. but exactly after that hand you got T5s i feel like you played those backwards lol i would flat the TJo and much more likely 3bet the T5s

    minute 11:01 if villain just flats theire are you shiping any river or do you for instance check on a 5? or dont you barrel river that often theire? cos you talk about it beeing a goos spot for a double barrel, i personally see it as a 3 barreling spot

    18:20 i like the bet sizing if your going to bet on that dry board, i kinda also like a lot c/raising in that spot against a fish, or i get a freecard or i put the last bet in with good equity. cos it really sucks to get raised theire.

    minute 30:56 ibet bigger on the turn for sure his range is pretty inelastic theire, hes just calling a bigger bet size the same % of time i think. plus you dont need to overbet river for stacks

    43:37 e snap check call and snap checks river i think his range is A high the majority of the time im really thinking you could value bet A high on the river since you probably have the best kicker
  • filipetheman


    44:29 you say he is a reg so he probably is value betting a Q if you check to him so you could check and get a rare bluff out of him some amount of the time , even if he doesnt bluff that much metagamewise he´s just not going to value bet thinly in the future cos you check good hands on the river. plus he might actually fold a Q when you bet, since you never have air , you cant even have gutshots on that flop. think you kinda missplayed that river

    47:15 villain snap c/c on 776r its a huge timing tell, i would certainly bet the Q turn he just has A highs 99% of the time ou random gut shots and overcards.

    last hand i think the river is a snap shove for 1/3 pot hes never folding any made hand theire, plus im pretty certain he´s not checking back a hand like A7.
    i believe the flop to be more debatable, he´s bluffing a ton if you check, so you could c/c the whole way, and again it really sucks getting raised in that spot.

    i´ve been pretty eager to see a vid from you playing HU, i knew you played them i used to watch you on full tilt.
  • faarcyde



    3:26: I honestly don't think it matters much, at least with no information. Trying to get an idea early how much people are calling three bets, how much they are folding to c-bets subsequently, etc is pretty invaluable in my estimation.

    11:01: I don't like triple barreling fish in general as much because their lack of a c/r range normally means they are c/c stronger hands more often and just not folding. As far as this spot in particular, I think it is reasonable given he can call with third pair + flush draw a lot and then fold rivers.

    18:20: I really hate a c/r just because I don't think you fold out much and most fish even know you aren't c/fing that board too often as a PF 3-bettor.

    30:56: I agree I should have bet bigger.

    43:37: Maybe but you also value own yourself against low pocket pairs, better A high and the type of hand he has where he backed into pairs. Surely it is close.
  • faarcyde


    @44:29: I think (value from hero calls) > (inducing very occasional bluff).

    Glad you liked the video, thanks for the questions.
  • AndreNC


    damn missclicked :D
    Wanted to give you 5 stars and just gave you 3 ;) very nice vid !
  • Falco35


    min 11:58
    Youre barreling QTo on the Turn with DBB+2ndNutFD and you folded to c/r.
    Sure, his Line looks strong but I dont like it. From PotOdds and Equity its very close imo - Fold is okay and going broke is okay. Villains Range is quiet bit more than just Made Flush. I even dont think he has the Made Flush very often because of his big c/r size.
    So imo if we dont wanna Bet/Broke Turn we should check and hope to hit one of our outs.
    Imo bet/fold is the worst Line. Sry

    Anyway, really a nice vid!!!
  • Falco35


    Ive calculated the Equity we need in the QTo hand, and it looks like we need something about 36% Equity. Didnt use the Equilab to compare if we have it vs his c/r Range. But I imagine we dont. So the Fold looks good.
    But I also think Bet/Fold isnt the best line! Sure, you didnt know he would c/r you so big, but checking back looks fine imo. I understand why youre barreling this spot...hm, close!