Honey for Weeneepooh - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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In this video, Boomer launches a new series beginning with a usersessionreview from our community member "Weeneepooh" Enjoy the video & Thanks Boomer!


PokerStars series User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new series from Boomer & Wennepooh! Please leave your comments & Feedback below!
  • MrT61


    Hi boomer,

    good video!

    T8 in SB: we OR, flop 678 ;
    what do you think of a "bet/call and donk-safe-turn-line" instead of B/3Bflop

    1 quote we can NEVER forget:

    great to have a 18/11 in our game, thats an empty seat!

    hope part2 will be soon posted,

  • Boomer2k10


    Hi T61 Sorry for the slow reply, been ill recently

    The only problem I see with the Call Raise/Donk turn line is that it would be extremely hard to balance.

    A strong semi-bluff will usually want to bet-3-bet the flop becasue it's essentailly free plus there are quite a few cards on the turn that may dissuade us from betting and end up giving our opponent a free card anyway

    That said it's unlikely to be a bad line, especailly if your opponent likes free card plays so I'm certainly not going to say it's not an option, I just think with a pair & Draw this strong I want to put in excess action on the flop allowing me to build a bigger pot, especailly if I improve
  • elpsycho


    Hi Boomer!
    Our members from russian community have some questions regarding your video:

    14:32 Don't you think that this call with 75o on the bb is not that good after all?
    With offsuit one-gap connector we need 1 to 7,5 odds ignoring the rake.
    Our hand's playability is not so great and we will play this hand without position.
    We won't be able to flop a good draw very often and if we hit a pair our hand's strength will
    be rather questionable. What are your thoughts on this matter? Won't this action be a -EV in the long run?

    31:18 You said you would donk the turn if the Ace comes so you can get some value from his pairs which he will check back. Don't you think that sometimes he will just fold some of them to our donk and if he has an Ace himself he will probably just call. So wouldn't it be better to take the check/raise line after all, targeting worst aces?
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi elpsycho

    Apologies for the delay but I missed your question on my RSS feed. Big time apologies for this I usually try and answer every question posted to me and I'm disappointed that I missed this one for so long

    In answer to your questions:

    1) We're getting 7-1 to play the hand and there are 2 poor playing players in the hand along with an aggressive button who's going to be isolating wide

    I'm certainly not jumping up and down with glee at the prospect of playing the hand but I think it's fine. We're going to flop enough to continue a decent percentage of the time (pair, gutshot, OESD) and if we win a pot it will more than likely be huge so I don't mind jumping in at all.

    Just looking at an equity standpoint vs 2 limping/cold calling ranges and a button iso range we have between 15 and 18% equity so we should be defending the hand just on that front. Because it's connected it plays a little better than a hand like K4o would and the late position of the action I'm perfectly happy jumping in

    2) I highly doubt that anyone would just straight up fold to a donk

    a) It's an obvious bluff card
    b) We've under-represented our hand pre-flop so many players won't put AK in our range
    c) Becasue we have an Ace that means there's many less combos of Aces
    d) There are still draws out there we would prefer didn't take a free card
    e) If we x/r and get 3-bet we can't fold even though it's almost certain we're looking at a J. The donk becomes a defensive as well as an offensive weapon on paired boards.

    It's a hard line to balance for sure but he's not going to fold the top of his range or a hand like KK-TT to our donk and the hands he would fold to a donk probably don't bet the turn anyway

    Hope that's answered your questions and again really sorry for the delay