Leakfinder: Multi-table Sit & Go

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16
  • Fullring
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In this video, Braminc will conduct a leakfinder review of a session played & offer his thoughts and comments as to the plays made.


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Comments (29)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new Leakfinder video from Braminc! Please leave your comments below.
  • Bartmannn


    Really nice and funny commentating!
    This is my favourite sng-type and all the Wizard stuff helped a lot. Would appreciate more videos of this kind of game.
    Good job!
  • Qwertz321


    Excellent Video, great thoughts and explanations <3
    Audio could be a little bit more clear & loud.

    Looking forward seeing the next episode!
  • Zeezout


    Nice one !
  • NatRPheM


    Really good and entertaining, ty :D
  • sitiar


    Great video! Make some for 90 man sng!
  • Maniac81


    I have a questuion to Final Table play. Hellblood says in his video that you should play the 45man for first Place because the payoutstructure is so topheavy. Now Braminc says in this video that you should play tight at the final table because the payout structure is flat. Who is right now?
  • braminc


    Who is hellblood? What site and structure is he referring to for 45 mans?

    I am right. ;) Unless there are other sites that are truly topheavy.

    You should "play for 1st" in the early stages of the tournament, as from that point of view it IS top heavy. But once you reach the final table the relative value of finish position to current position createss a VERY FLAT structure.
  • JustgAMblin


    Very nice vid! ;)
  • Maniac81


    @braminc: Thanks. Hellblood is a new pokerstrategy coach for MTTSNGS. His newest video is for Pokerstars 45man. But its in german, so you probably wont understand what he says.
  • KevB1993


    @ #7:
    Hellbloods play isnt ideal for 45s in many aspects (eventhough he's somewhat winning @ these).
    You cant play 45s just to play to win.
    Especially bubble play is very important.
    My suggestion - download sngwiz and see how tight you really have to be (much tighter than you'd think)
  • tatisan


    great video. waiting for some more :)
  • lupa1986


    i agree we got some icm considerations here, but in 7th place we get like 1,5 BI ? we are so tight after $ev - wont we blind down too often when we are so tight?
  • braminc


    lupa, you can't analyze payout structure by simply saying "7th place is only 1.5 buyins". If you want to make the most $ in the long run, then every $ counts.
    By the way, if you got 7th in every tournament and 7th = 1.5buyins, you would have a 50% roi. So let's not use incomplete logic to lead us to play suboptimally.
  • Maniac81


    The Problem is that if we shove Sngwiz Ranges we blind out if all other players play aggressive.
    If we shove that tight we maybe go up 1-2 spots on the payladder but we wont make it in the Top 3. I dont know what has more ev. One Argument for shoving a little bit more aggressive is also that are the Chipleader more often and can apply even more pressure to the modstacks. The Fururegame ev of shoving wide is not in the icm calculations i think.
  • kokkie1975


    nice vid
  • braminc


    Maniac, your assertion that you either choose to maybe go up 1-2 spots and never make the top 3 with this "strategy" is incorrect. You will have less 1st places playing tighter of course, BUT you will make more $ by having less 1st places because you will also have more 2345 than 678s. Because the structure is SO FLAT, it forces us to play this way IF WE WANT TO MAKE THE MOST $.

    IF youre concerned more with increasing your number of 1st place finishes and not making more money in the longterm, then disregard my advice ;)
  • Gisa101287


    Nice video, see up to the next video.
  • ThreeFour34


    Im quite disapointed with a video, looks like poker is all about shove or fold. There isnt single hand to be played after flop... and if hero is not lucky as there is, there is no chance to get good result. Sory, my opinion.
  • Mark1790


    Great video.
    #19 You should not be disappointed with this video. It was a quality, informative and entertaining video. You have a point about the content, but you should be looking at BSS video's where I am sure there will be more post flop play etc.
  • Gex222


    19# what is wrong with u kid ? this is SnG turbo.
  • Fredel


    yay, nice video!
    nice to have you here on ps.com. loved your cardrunners-content.
    Please go for a new Intro!!! the old one is fucking awesome :)
  • jimmy99x


    Nice 1 . one of the best videos i have seen . thanks alot
  • hsJ2k7


    Dude, not only a very interesting video but also very funny :p Thx!!
  • hsJ2k7


    funny one*
  • suitedaces1701


    Thanks for the 45 man video! I haven't been doing so well in the last few days and now I know why :) I shouldn't put the edgeC to 0 all the time :P
  • MariusGi


    Very good video,thanx !
  • Barlin63


    Good and fun especially when the spider busted out.
  • Erik212


    Great clear video!