Super Turbo Sit & Goes - The Theory

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In this video, JayGatsby discussing advanced endgame concepts in Super Turbo SnGs. Enjoy the video & leave your feedback in the comments section!


ICM push or fold Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first English video from our new coach, JayGatsby. We look forward to hearing your Feedback!
  • datsmahname


    *Fixed Limit Holdem Cash Game Player watchin yer vid*

  • datsmahname


    This video is really awesome.
  • luizsilveira


    Interesting indeed. Thumbs up.
  • Gerovit


    Awesome stuff going on in German forums. Time to renew my high school German which sucked even then :(
    Do you find holdemresources more valuable than SNG wiz despite being less user friendly (given that wiz doesn't take splits into account)
  • Gerovit


    ...and obviously wiz fixed ranges
  • Gerovit


    ...and ofcourse wiz fixed ranges
  • Shaquill


    Great video!
    Cool things:
    - overview goals
    - overview aimed viewers
    - illustrating concepts with examples without losing sight of the generalization

    Addition to hand 3 (A9, call/fold): Another thing to mention is 'what happens, if we fold?
    1. we are ITM directly.
    or 2. the stacksizes of SB and BU are closer together. So they have to be even more risk averse, which we can abuse then.

    I'm looking forward to another video by you!
  • Antonioull


    Very good
  • BillGatesIII


    Nice to see/hear new and different thoughts about push or fold strategy.
  • Schmuvness


    Very well organised and thought through video. Also spoken very clearly und understandable. This makes it interesting to watch until the last second.

    The hands themselves are very good choices to talk through in such an educational video. I have learned quite a lot just by watching and am provoked to think about these situation furthermore.

    Thus I give this video 5 stars !

    Very good work.
  • JayGatsby


    #2 used to play FL back in the days too ;)

    #5 I use them both they each has its advantages. Usually I start out with wizard and send the hand to Nash if its a close spot. The Wiz Graphs are nice...

    #8 thx! You are right about your additional reasons for folding, although making it itm is not that important for us in this spot.

  • PierreLo


    Really clever, great explanations, well structured, what else can I say ? Easily one of the best abd straightest to the point videos I've seen in a while.
    And this "Ingame tableselection" thing is something I never eve thought of...

    great material



    this video is a joke

    but actually im rather happy with him
  • Beatlemanic


    Very helpfull video, thanks.
  • Tarhonya


    Great video!
  • zaboo


    You opened my eyes! ;) Srsly great vid, great thinking
  • FlashDavin


    This video is super informative. I like this guy. I hope he makes more videos about SNGs in the future.
  • xmiammiamx


    Thanks for the video ! I have a question about the "ingame table selection" idea.
    I understand that if the other good player is eliminated we will win more than what ICM says; but that's also the case if you stay alive in a table were there are fishes.

    For example if we are at the start of a 6max hyperturbo with one good player and 4 very big fishes, I would have think that gambling against the other good player is a bad idea as we have good chances to make it to the top two if we don't do so. It's certainly better that gambling against one of the fishes, but it's still something we should try to avoid.

    Is this reasoning totally wrong ?
  • JayGatsby


    Hey xmia,

    you are completely right.

    So the conditions for a light call should be:

    We win more if we bust the good player than we win if he is still in the tournament.

    So now the condition is formulated independently of ICM. Although we win more than ICM suggests even if we fold, we win even more if we bust the good player.

    It's hard to prove that mathematically, of course.
  • Borstl


    I can´t hear anything :(
  • Andyuk18


    Great video, will watch again later when i feel it applies to my games. :)
  • mmmodel


    Amazing video! and u played 20k *-*