Jungle Fever - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Heads-up
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Welcome to the second part of the Heads-up video from Daniel Cates, also known as "Jungleman12" at the tables.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy part two of Jungleman Heads-up! Please leave your feedback / comments & questions below for Daniel.

    Enjoy the Video!
  • raek123


  • grrgrrbla



    min 1:21: why not reraise the flop against the fish on 553r? i mean you rep nothing but the fish did reraise to see where he's at in the first part as well on axx (aq7 i think) where u floatet and took it down with a bet on the turn, floating is another option which is probably better because it's cheaper and the fish could call a reraise with A-high or K-high or a 3 and when an overcard hits the turn you can barrel him off of his weak holding when he checks, so i think you don't even have to hit to win the pot, what do you think about those 2 options?

    you defend alot of crap oop like 35s j3s 86o , is this your standard and if not why did u think it to be profitable vs the reg?

    what kinda hands would you 4xbet now knowing he just calls 4xbets with 99? something like good suited broadways (kjs, qjs, kqs, jts) and obviously TT+, aj,aq,ak?
  • Walclol


    min 27:40 KQ hand
    you say yourself that you beat nothing -or would he call KJ pre?
    and you still go broke on the turn saying i cant 4bet KQ and fold now on K high flop. Would you NEVER fold here ?
    i always think after similar situations that it was obvious that i cant beat him :/ - i hate these spots
  • thcfugii


    des net jungleman :D des doch scott seiver :D .. klingt extrem nach dem typ
  • DanielK


    Please keep the comments in english, thank you ;-)
  • wump1


    am besten noch mehr nuscheln -.-
  • DonRonRaven


    @Yeah probably, but if hes folding there - when wouldn't he? This guy very rarely has a set on that spot, (besides kk) or a str8, 2pair, so there's just not many hands that beat him... just depends on how often he's bluffing in that spot- he could shove a hand like qq or jj there! It doesn't make any sense to fold there... i guess!
  • Anonym92


    min30: K9o is a pretty easy call according to nash euqilibrium ;P
  • Broxwalker


    nice vid, though t could be better quality. looking forward to some vid with in depth stats analyze. I think you got a lot to say bout stats and adaption. In the game flow it is kind of hard to understand everything.
  • alexs86


    good vid
    it seems to work out for ya, but u r defending THAT much in BB passive ;)
    pretty loose stats, if I would see the stats only I would think u r playin FL HU..
  • Falco35


    Hi Dan,
    min 03:23
    Hm, you Call the PotSize CBet with the GutShot on the Flop. I havent seen the hole vid yet but I dont think hes Betting Pot with a strong hand on this dry Flop! Or? So why do you Call with the GutShot? Do you think you can take away the pot later street?! But when he checks you dont Bet Out the River with the Nuts because of Balancing. So I'm little bit confused!
    Because what would you do if you didnt hit your GutShot-also checking? I dont think that hes going to Bet the River as played because the board didnt run out very nice to bluff for him imo. And I also dont think he has a strong hand as played which he would ValueBet on the River. So in both situations- you hit or you miss-a Bet could be okay imo. Sorry for my bad english but Im really bit confused in that spot as played. Please say something detailed! What do you think could Villain Bet at the River as Played that you can go for c/r? Yeah, you told that yourent betting because of balancing but what would be your plan if you had missed?
  • Falco35


    Okay, now ive seen this guy is aways CBetting PotSize.
  • Falco35


    And okay, because of my question-Ive seen its a pure balancing issue. Okidoki
  • Falco35


    min 33:29
    Sorry, but I dont like your 2nd Barrel on the River. His hand looks so hard like a ShowDownValue Hand (8x, maybe PP)
    and theres just so little FE imo
  • Harmos9


    You did an huge mistake in ur vid jungle, wont reveal it cuz it would influence you. But get a look on "short sequences" :p
  • chenny8888


    3130: nash callrange would include K9 for 10bb... hands as weak as K5, QT too. your shove still fine ofc

    great video series, really liking it :)
  • Donktard


    Please keep the comments in English, thank you ;-)
  • datsmahname


    nice video.
  • GtMars


    Hi Dan, i have never played HU before, and i was wondering if there is a big difference between minraising button and raising 3x

    Thx for the video
  • jimmiko


    Man that deep KQ hand. He couldn't had else but AA, KK, AK, and you knew that, why you gave him your stack?
  • Jackyfresh1


    nice vid jungle!
  • BigFish2010


    Hi, Dan saw you in Wien you seems very cool guy.
    Based on the dynamics and leveling. What do you thing for a check-reise with the KQ 29:20, for value ofc ?
  • Rot123Kent


  • misspookie


    If this guy is flatting with 99 and his 4 betting range is i believe you 8% I think you can even fold pre with qk here. Its a little nitty but against guys who like to raise a lot but not do the re raise and 4 betting much I tend to stay away from those spots. I thought when he 4 b you would consider folding. I don't mind calling though in a vacuum but after he got ahead he really turned into a nit on top of that only 8% 4b makes me want to fold there.
  • misspookie


    wheres part 3!
  • plyazhe


    jugle best