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In the new series from BogdanPS, we use the format used in the "Database Doctor" series, to explore the hand histories of users and to find any issues which may not only been skin deep.


Database Doctor series Stats Surgeon User Session Review

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  • EuanM



    Enjoy the video! Thanks for another awesome series Bogdan! We welcome any feedback & comments for our Coach!
  • sido222


  • luizsilveira


    Great video as always, and great analysis Bogdan. Than you very much.

    Unfortunately the downside of a detailed analysis is one whole video can only focus in a couple of situations; my fear is the analyses ends up being a bit disconnected from the overall game, like reading just one chapter of a big novel.

    You are a very talented coach, keep up the good work. Hopefully someday I'll have again the opportunity of sharpening up my game with you ;)
  • BogdanPS


    Hey guys,

    If you want me to review your database in the future make sure to apply here:
  • dieguito06


    amazing thanks! knows what hes doing
  • Bartmannn


    Sorry, but pronunciation makes it very hard to follow. No fun listening to!
  • Heffron89


    #6 well then its ur english that is bad because I got no problem to follow this
  • erazor1980


    #6 fish
  • erazor1980


    @bogdan: very nice video! learned alot!
  • Heave112


    BOGDAN I LOVED YOUR VIDEO :D, I loved your cute baby kitten Meaouing :D so cute, btw are you greek, your voice sounds greek, AGAPI MOU :D
  • JimmyChances


    #6 you're an idiot.
  • Bartmannn


    Sorry for having an opinion and not just kissing a$$... Wannabes...
  • BogdanPS


    @Bartmannn: Unfortunately English is not my first language, however I do live in an English speaking country (Canada) and I have no problem with people (natives or not) understanding my English.

    If I may ask, do you have any suggestions on how this can be improved for the future?

    @Heave112: I am s bit confused. Which kitten? I do not have one.


    I think the sound is too soft.
  • Chromehead


    you've convined me to get HEM. Great video.
  • PhantomR32


    JHTAN turn your volume up, it's not the video.

    @Bartmannn: While it takes a bit more effort to understand than a native English speaker, I have more trouble with some of "ze german" coaches than BogdanPS.
  • Adriano87


    Really nice video, Bogdan. Thanks.
  • Bartmannn


    Sorry Bogdan, was no offense, I really had trouble at some spots following you. English isnt my first language either so Canadians def. have an advantage there. ;)
    I guess my problem was the mix of you sometimes speaking pretty fastly and "swallowing" some endings.
    But if nobody else got issues there maybe its just my problem.
  • BogdanPS



    No offense taken. I know my English is not perfect so I'll take all the constructive criticism that you guys are willing to dish out :)

    The "mistake" I see myself doing frequently, when recording videos, is that I may speed up my talk because I really get into it. Because of that it happens that I think way faster than I talk and thus I try to catch up with the words.

    I'm actively working on making sure I slow down whenever I catch myself speeding up. It reminds me of the times I had to actively work on my mental game at the tables, fun times...
  • risingmatt


    nice video coach ad good english (for sure better than mine)... bless !!!
  • morris979


    Excellent Video!! With regard to Bogdan's English, as a native English speaker I have no problems understanding him. Keep up the good work.
  • RandomGenerator


    2:30. BogdanPS, it's pretty obvious that if you fold the 100% big blinds than your winrate from the BB position is NOT -100bb/100, while you say it is.

    There is always some percentage of the hands in which noone has made a raise during the hand and you win it.

    I'm actually a bit surprised that you're giving the false information in the VOD.
  • William340


    I think what you really mean to say is that there is some percentage of hands where no one limps (calls the BB) and you win the pot.
    because you do not win the pot from the BB just because no one raised.
    Against limpers you can either check & see a "free" flop, or (horrible, but possible) fold.

    I think BogdanPS's point is correct "in general", as you probably don't get a lot of walks in 6 max.