HU SNG $33

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33
  • Heads-up
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Comments (27)

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  • Kimber88


    I've been waiting for this.. :)
    Too bad I can only see the first 4 minutes.. I vote we make this silver.. :D


    me to :o)
  • kukkiwonBG


    Me to...
  • johnnyhama


    i see all its a good vids hurry to get gold :)
  • overbe


    VEEEEERY GOOD VIDEO!!! Thx alot!
    MORE :P~~~
  • donkyourstak


    well played on the set. i think he calls with any ace, any small pair. he obviously was bare, since he didnt call 500 into 2k plus.
  • roswellx


    woooooooooooooooooooow man are you actually playing and commenting this video this... Good work. Keep it up!
  • 1wayman


    at 2:43 you choose to make 2.5raise before the flop and opponent has 14.5bb. Wouldnt be better to minraise or shove/fold there?
  • Monika87


    33k$ NAJZ
  • connect1337



  • pablo55


    OMFG dont like it at all...
  • LX4DR


    first... anderthalb Jahre später: nice vid!
  • aceonetheriver


    ...u suck so bad, i mean really bad!
  • pokrarc



    12:55nél emel az ellenfél fél potot, azt miért adja meg? Valaki meg tudja mondani?
  • kwedaras


    lmao at low blind play...
  • Jack2u3


    pretty drawheftig!
  • zoli777


    #14 pokrarc az implied oddsra adott meg, dupla gutshotja volt neki turnon.
  • kidzoltan


    nice video, i liked it
  • vibreaza


    so did i nice 1
  • vibreaza


    one question tho, why r u betting big oop, and getting involved in big pots oop? is that ok?
  • Falco35


    Hm, I dont like the Call with T2 with the T High OneCard FD, ..really dont like it.
    Dont like some C-Bets on Flops witch hit Villains range so hard.
    Anyway, im a LowStakes Donkey and he plays High Stakes HU. So what do I Know^^!?
    Maybe its good to C-bet more at High Stakes. But im personnaly dont C-bet so much as most of the player do.
  • Falco35


    Why C-Bet the first Hand A5 on 89Q? Hits Villains Range so hard. Did you do it to find out his tendencies?
  • Sandwind


    quite basic for a gold video in my opinion
    i think it should be silver
  • bj355


    LOL at how the guy is playing. 2.5 15-25 bb deep? How stupid is that?
  • bj355


    It's bad to call K6 8 BB deep to a shove. Yeah, that makes lots of sense. I guess this is how people played poker a few years ago.
  • bj355


    Restealing with A2o 15 bb deep is making a move? What a joke this video is.
  • ittapiros


    I must say there were a lot of sutiaaations in this video! : DD

    Pretty awesome work!