Faarout Scenarios: Heads-up vs. Regulars

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $105
  • Heads-up
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In this video, faarcyde takes us through the Heads-up Sit & Go where regulars are the Villain. Any feedback & comments for faarcyde are welcome as always! Enjoy the video!


headsup PokerStars Session Review

Comments (17)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new Heads-up video from faarcyde, we welcome any feedback & comments for our coach!
  • Kyyberi


    You might increase the volume a lot. :)
  • BeCreativ3


    Very nice vid, as all your videos.
    A lot of "standard" spots, which makes the video even more interesting, than a vid with some sick rare spots, which don't have a big influence on the winrate - I like your explanations of what you do a lot. I also like what you said at the end, it is more interesting to see a "I run normal/bad vid", than godlike runs.
    Looking forward to see more from you, I guess at the moment u are the only Hu sng producer for the mid stakes, so keep it on :)
    With best regards.
  • faarcyde


    Thanks for the words BeCreativ3.

    Kyyberi, it sounds OK to me...does it not sound right on your end?
  • Tim64


    Yeah, agree with above comments. The combination of some clear mistakes coupled with honesty in admitting them makes for useful viewing. I don't play HUsng as a rule, but I think that the concept of 'wanting your reg opponent to make the first mistake' is bang on. With such small edges, a 500 chip mistake is enourmous, because opportunities to win the chips back are few and far between. With this in mind...
  • Tim64


    05:55 oop defend 37s; not a fan. So few boards with legitimate semi-bluffing opportunities, surely. Which means we end up having to make lots of basically pure bluffs, like on this board, just hoping he doesnt have Ax/Kx as preflop raiser.
  • Tim64


    10:00 A3o; in contrast to 37s above, ch/R seems good here (though I like a call too), with likely 7 immediate outs to the best hand, in a situation where it's much harder for him to have anything given 100% cbet.
  • Tim64


    14:00 Calling 4b oop ATo. Dunno... seems thin like you said. We have to go broke on all Ax flops (dominated somewhat often), can't potcntrl, probably dont stack 88/99 etc often enough. Generally have tough decisions where we are guessing a lot like in the present case.
  • Tim64


    16:40 A5o 2pair. I'm minded to ch/R bigger here given we suspect he has hit this board with his bet-sizing. So many duff turn cards to make things difficult. Feels like 250 minimum...
  • Tim64


    18:30 Q7s oop 1/3pot cbet. Since we're only a little better than flipping vs K9/Q9 (that you fear might shove over a bigger cbet) I would rather just bet 200-220 on the flop to take it down or find out we are squarely behind. By induce/calling we get to the turn with a big pot where we can never call his shove unless we hit one of our five 2pair outs. Wondering if backdoor clubs are much help since they wont add enough equity to call it off and we cant take a free card. Or rather, b/d clubs are more useful as barreling equity as aggressor and we get to turn as aggressor more often with a bigger cbet.
  • Tim64


    20:40 45s, calling 2.75x ch/R on AT4r. Again, even though he ch/Rs a decent amount I feel the turn brings so few cards we can continue on. So I like the cbet here (for the backdoor reasons you give) but calling the ch/R seems too speculative. And making the speculative flop call forces us to make the speculative turn call when b/d spades come (which is itself of/c fine), and we go from a 1675:1325 chip lead at hand start to a 2:1 chip deficit, which is match turning stuff.
  • Tim64


    36:45 TJ in 3b pot. Pre looks fine vs his wide 3b range. Flop I think peeling is better. Raising looks so bluffy (where as he has to shut down with air on turn when we just call) since its impossible for us to be nutted here that we open ourselves to bluff 3bs and end up putting in a ton of money with a bare g/shot. When he 3bs, he is surely shoving any turn so i dont think we get odds to call.
  • Falco35


    min 15:19
    Hm? You said it would be spewy to 4Bet A9o in this spot. I think a 4 BetShove is a possible thing. Dont you?
    Hes an decent player (you said) so maybe he was leveling, maybe he had a strong hand. Dunno.
    Close spot imo
  • Falco35


  • Falco35


    min 20:46
    BottomPair on the Flop, 4rd Pair at the end.
    I really think as the match was going and gameflowise you can Call the double barrel at the river!
    Its close, but he looks like an aggressive, thinking player. Youre handstrength is an open book in this spot. For sure, you could checked back an Ace high on the flop. Yeah..yada,yada..close, close! I think we can call and if he shows us an A its okay. Give him a nh in the chat..ha,ha.

    Nice vid, sir!
  • faarcyde


    Alright Timothy, here we go ->

    37s vs a minraise: I think is a call vs most players. There has been a lot of empirical evidence suggesting calling very wide vs minraises out of position is optimal...I would have to see some strong contrary evidence to change my mind.

    ATo: Of course calling four bets is always a gamble...I sort of like doing it once in a while with these types of hands to discourage people from four betting. I think a good thing here though is we actually aren't too often dominated since a lot of people will just jam AJ and AQ and even sometimes AK so we are up against a lot of pairs, and weak Ax that is bluffing.

    A5o: I could go either way...since it is a two suit board I think making it a bit bigger is warranted, but consider that if you plan to make c/r a big part of your game you want to be risking as little as possible and still retain effectiveness in terms of balance.

    Q7s: I agree with you.

    45s: I have to think about it more, let me get back to you.

    JTo: I would disagree strongly in the sense we have no plan for the turn unless we hit a queen. With him 3-betting 44 percent and being super aggressive he sure as heck isn't giving free cards. We open ourselves up to getting 3-bet bluffed but I think that is a minute consideration, either the raise is +EV or not and I think it is.

    @Falco35: In a vacuum of course shoving A9o there is possible, but given the current set of conditions I didn't think it was very favorable. We have a lot of history and I simply didn't see him making a light three bet there as a bluff or for value.

    64o: Trust me, making hero calls is not one of my shortcomings :) I certainly would make it sometimes.
  • Falco35


    okidoki :)