A Little Blind Defense

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In this video, JonathanLittle discusses with the audience, various hands which were played from the blinds in attempts to defend.


Blind Defense Blindbattle hand history review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from JonathanLittle, we look forward to your feedback and comments!
  • kiddde


    30:38 Would be cool if 3rd Kh was on the flop :)
  • querry


    great video as always jonathan!
  • SolidSilver


    true ;)
  • CAZcadeur


    luv ur stuff - best english speaking MTT content on this site ...
    keep up the good work
  • elfigus


    nice video ;)
  • taschendamenfalter


    nice vid as usual - thx
    question to the ATs hand around min 35:
    i assume its the ft?
    with the 3rd bigstack already involved from the sb and a couple smaller stacks still at the table, isn't it better to fold (unless you got a read that the sb is calling relatively wide)? especially cause you will be in the middle position postflop?
  • Leviatan


    3:10 I would've bet that 6s river... I think that most players are folding everything that's not a spade... and maybe small ones like 8s 7s.. and mostly because he didn't play the hand like he could have any...he is probably betting any big spade on the turn... plus.. u could perfectly have As, Qs Js as u played it... I would've make 120... 130 or something.. to make it look like a believable value bet..
  • Leviatan


    28:00 I kinda hate that call.. you said that raise to 80k is not such a good idea.. and I agree... if he calls u put yourself in a ugly spot postflop... but just calling is much worst IMO... u are basically letting him see a free flop.. with whatever he raises utg.. when u have the nuts.. u are playing OOP... is just that u will have to check fold soooo many times... why not just shove there? he has like 10 times his initial raise...
  • Thrashattack


    nice vid (: