Shooting Stars - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16 - $30
  • Shorthanded
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In the second part of the latest series from lessthanthreee, we continue where the first part left off and make our way through the remaining Sit & Goes with comments and discussion from lessthanthree. We welcome any feedback & discussion, feel free to leave your comments!


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Comments (12)

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  • DanielK


    Have fun with Shooting stars Part 2 ;-) Please keep the comments in english!
  • DanielK


    Done, Thank you ;-)
  • savage1981


    Around minute 11 on the bottom left you shoved A7 after the SB completed for the 4h time and you have already raised him twice and shoved on him once. Don't you think that even the biggest fish will start adjusting after this at some point? If that's the case would you ever consider cheking A7 behind?
  • z4tz


    02:20 BL you want to call a regular there with JTs on a 10BB shove. The nash range to for him to push there is around 21% and for us to call 12.3%. For us to call with JTs he has to push almost 40% which i never think he does there even if he's loose.
  • z4tz


    Missed your followup where you say he's going to shove way wide in that situation. Asuming a 10% call from the SB and a 20% call from you in BB he can push just around 30%.

    If you are correct about a 50% shove you can call with JTs but it's very marginal.
  • Zlaine


    10:30 What Type of Hands do you expect him to minopenraise in this Spot? I would rather raise to about 140 cause I dont want the BB oder SB to see the flop cheaply, 3or4 handed would be tough.
  • lessthanthreee



    we have an ace heads-up. against someone limping so many SBs we have a value-hand against his overall range. some players will limp and call worse aces/broadways when you play back at them so its a simple value-shove spot. with 20bbs we are too short to raise and bloat the pot oop so shoving is our only real option. checking an ace in this spot is way too weak against his range. we just got unlucky here, in the long run im confident its a very +EV shove.


    JTs , yeah its a bit loose without antes. it depends on the reg, but i think upon review a fold is better without strong reads. There are situations where he can ship very wide there ITM as the shortest stack, but I dont think many regs are on that level, playing it safe and folding feels like the better play.

    @zlaine, the problem with 3betting is what do we do against a 4bet? 3bet/calling TT vs an EP raiser for 45bbs is very loose in a STT and 3bet/folding wastes the value of our hand post-flop IP. I dont mind the SB/BB coming along because we get to play the pot IP.
  • petersveter


    hey could you make a video about getting started at online poker, online multitabling, the importance of statistics and things like replaying hand history and so... :)
  • Buhas


    35:31 open raise with A2o 30bb 25/50 level on button is still proflitable on 3$ and 7$ Stts? Cause we play with more loose fishes and I used to tight my range on that spot. sry for my bad english :)
  • lessthanthreee


    @petersveter. ill see what I can do for you :)

    @buhas. when you have absolute position in the hand you should be raising a wide range. any ace is going to be a raise. you can check back a lot of Axx flops to disguise your hand and pot control.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    11:00 with the 66s you said we're not getting the right odds to set mine vs the UTG opener even though we had about 40bbs relative.
    How do we calculate if we have enough BBs to set mine vs. an opener?

    Great series btw, learned a lot and spotted plenty of areas where I need to improve. Cheers.
  • lessthanthreee



    the rule to set-mine is you need about 20:1 in a stack:betsize ratio to get the correct implied odds. This means getting enough value ITLR after flopping a set you need you and your opponent to be 20x as deep as the raise size. some people relax that rule to 15:1 which means 15x the raise needs to be behind both stacks.