Blind Defense

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In this video, we are brought into discussion about Blind defense for NL BSS


Blind Defense thematic video

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  • rudders93


    awesome video! more theory videos that address leaks would be amazing! learnt alot
  • sido222


    i cant focus on the video because i get turned on by the voice and accent
  • 1984ioc


    @1 +1

    Great video PS
  • martijnde666


    Nice one!
  • bj355


    You may want to notice the spelling of the title...
  • Syzzzurp


    #2 sido222, 21 Nov 11 12:02
    i cant focus on the video because i get turned on by the voice and accent...
    sexy as... dressed like a hot secretary imo
  • enzzo69


    Syzzzurp lol. u crazy man. no ofense
  • Maniatrix


    Nothing wrong with the spelling.
  • Heave112


    The answer is simple. The two words have no difference in meaning. Defense is more common in modern American English, and defence is more common in British English and archaic American English. For example, these are American publications:
  • Heave112


    17:50- 17:52 she says in the Mid stacks, when it's obvious she needed to say mid stakes
  • ilovemagic


    dude, this girl sounds like a robot. im used to foreign dudes trying to say value in english... this video is sooooo boring thru the first 11 mins. get the austrian guys to do all the edu. vids..they rock!! and they make me laugh too :):) no disrespect meant at all by this!
  • Nhoca


    Great video, the format is very easy to follow and understand.
  • JustMillion


    i am feeling like sitting in an airplane getting security instructions haha
  • Zanardi1


    I agree with #1.