Leatherass reviewing database from mbml

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In the latest video from leatherass, he conducts a review of our Black Member, and coach, mbml in an attempt to find leaks & instances where improvements can be made. Enjoy the video!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the the new video from leatherass, where a database review of our coach & Black Member "mbml" is conducted. We welcome your comments & feedback!
  • fusionpk


    Hey great video, love more of these type of vids, it's especially good for us players who work mostly on their own game and seek self-improvement.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Also @mbml I think this clarifies a few things that many ppl mentioned in your blog, you do great at 1/2 2/4, clearly you can still improve your 2/4 winrate, there's nothing wrong with just grinding yourself another 150k hands at 2/4, improving, heaping up the BR and then moving up.
  • PowerBims


  • DerFuXz


    Realy nice!
  • maxwi


    Great stuff. I am interested in more "HM Videos" because I think HM is a gold mine when explored in the right ways.
  • mbml


    hi leatherass

    as you pointed out i agree that I misplay pocketpairs a lot. Especially in 3bet pots which is why i tend to fold midpairs much more often than others esp OOP.

    1) Would you say that I should just fold 88 preflop UTG vs SB? Or just call the 3bet and specifically give up on 453r, while partially set-mining and also I get to win flops like J96?

    2) How would you play small PP OOP in general from BB? Do you just c/f mostly when you don't have a set? Which spots do you pick to c/r? For example the board was Q73r and I don't think I can rep too much by c/r-ing it. Should I then try to have AQ and KQ in my c/r range sometimes?
  • Gabinr1


    Great video!
  • Dublimax


    when I filter Flop CBet = true and Folded Flop CBet = False I get all the hands where I CBet not where Villain CBets ( I have Flop CBet % = 100)
    Any ideas?
  • fusionpk


    @Dublimax i also had that problem i think dusty explained the filter a bit wrong

    @leatherass or anyone else: any ideas on a good CO winrate? my preflop stats are very similar to mbml's, especially my opening %s and bb/100 from positions, my worst winrate is CO (apart from the blinds) so interested in what a good winrate from CO is :)
  • Dublimax


    interesting video Leatherass def some stuff that applies to most of us I guess - overall I think you are doing a good job in your videos whether it is DB review like this one or HH review.

    btw I liked the way such a good player like you can also get confused sometimes ;) (in the end with the BB loss rate)
  • easymuc


    Really nice - shows, how import a review of the own game is to imporve the winnings.
  • pasOa


    Really enjoyed the video too, I would love to see more HM videos.

    Maybe you could show us in your next video how you use your HUD while you're playing (not live, just which stats you put into decision while playing).
  • Sattelite1


    thx for the video. The overall theme was quite good to get some more ideas finding his own leaks via HM statistics. There could be more of this vid-style especially you may pick out one or to keystats and go through some hand examples and analyse possible lines how to play out specific hands even if it´s a fold on the flop.
    The only thing left is just only if you look on the winrate and the All-In EV stats which wasn´t that fine as expected.
  • goldfishoo


    great vid
  • Antonioull


    Nice vid

    I would love to see some more Dbase reviews and also some videos on HM if possible

    take care
  • Antonioull


    ps i mean explaining several functions
    in HM + other stuff u find usefull thx
  • Leatherass9


    I will try and get to these questions asap, but please keep in mind that it is a holiday here in the USA and it is possible that I may not find time until Monday to get to these questions. If I find time, I will be sure to answer as many questions as possible. Please ask as many questions as you want because I would be more than happy to help. Thanks!
  • praios


    hi i hate this type of video
  • praios


    i hate this type of video really borring please make another format
  • yomatiyo


    well cause u are just an amazing crack... (?)

    I think we all, that are not BM, really like this kind of vids. And not boring at all.
  • kandonoe1


    #I hate Axelf87 cuz he is the most relentless bumhunter of all times, destroying dramatically the spirit of the game. Because of these guys poker can not become seen as a sport. I also dont give a sh*t to this guys opinion. Keep up the good work Leatherass!
  • benedeklevi


    yeah, praios you should stfu.
  • Horroroids


    Very helpful video
  • JuiceQuadre


    Love it =) Thank you for this video. Pls make more of these ;)
  • Mistermom


    At 28:55 you said you'd fold 99 preflop(?) in BB to CO raiser and BU caller. Did you mean the flop or do you really fold preflop?
  • luizsilveira


    The video is great; very helpful spots and all etc.

    I just think it was a tiiiiny bit to long. Maybe a tiny bit more objectivity or so... toward the end it was like "yeah, this number is fine, that is fine too, this I don't know well," etc., not very helpful and just drags the video a bit.

    Other than that, excellent analysis and def. helpful and worth watching. Thumbs up, keep up the good work.
  • ziednba


    great video!! hope to see more from you.
  • IronPumper


    lolz, praios - kinda hornish funny - it seems that you hate here 99,999....% of all vids, unless maybe your own vids in the very past^^
  • testgfd


    i really enjoined the video :) whats the price for a coaching on NL20 ? :P
  • FingersMalone


    Dusty, your videos are exceptional, thank you so much.
  • Leatherass9


    @mbml I would just fold 88 preflop to the 3 bet. Maybe there are some out there who are better than me who can play that hand profitably calling a 3 bet in that spot, but I can't myself. I think folding is best.

    I think you can just flat pp OOP and check raise some boards that are tough to hit AND are boards that your opponent is likely to c bet their entire range on. Perhaps just doing this 1 time out of 4 times you spot this will help you win the pot without it becoming too obvious that you are weak. Yes, I do think that if you flat KQ or AQ OOP and flop top pair you should just be check raising to add some thinner value to your range. Imo most people complain that they get looked up too light when they check raise, but for some reason don't check raise with good top pairs. I think this is a leak even most good 10/20 players have in their games. Thin value is what it is all about these days where people hate to fold.
  • Leatherass9


    I am not positive what a good win rate is from the CO. I think something around 20bb/100 would be pretty good. Right now in my 35k hand sample on the Merge network I am winning 44bb/100, but I am certain that I am running like God from that position. I think in my old DB I was something like 24ish, but I am not sure.
  • Leatherass9


    Post #33 was directed towards Dublimax
  • Leatherass9


    Mistermom yeah I misspoke in the video. I meant to say I would fold on the flop. Sorry about that haha.
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks for all of the kind comments everyone! I really appreciate that.
  • LemOn36


    loved the vid,please make more especially with PS Coaches
  • SonMokuh


    what does 3bet from early positon in 6max mean? in early position you are first to act preflop and i doubt that mbml is limp/3betting!?
  • YoBaByYo


    seems like he is. I never limp in EP in my entry is na in 3b EP. And i doubt it could have another meaning.

    I like database reviews and look forward to get more of it. But I would appreciate if you would get a little bit more into detail. E.g. take some filters and have a specific look on river play.
  • MagnumLemon


    Hey guys, how can anyone have a 3bet-range in early position in 6max without limpraising?
  • bas0r


    hi, i just saw your video and i was wondering if you think a analysis like similar like this is applicable for tournament handssamples if you put in a filter of stacksize>60bb. or do you think that you cant compair it liek that because tournaments are more situational. i know dont play tourneys often but maybe you got a opinion on that.

    mod note: it would be nice if you could point him to my question. i'm really curious about that question for a long time.
  • EverSteel


    Hello Dusty,

    could you possibly give some more detail on how to really calculate optimal BB loserate. Did you mean that if say hero plays -36bb/100 and BB optimal is 40BB/100 (is it?), then hero is profiting 4 bb/100 and it's a good thing?

    Thank you
  • zarsky


    #39, #40
    What makes you think it's 6max only? maybe he plays some FR as well. Mine is "na" as well though
  • ddfgh12


    greate video
  • madlam


    Leatherass9, thanks for the video!
    PS: I was shocked when you couldn't calculate the winrate on the blinds if you remove the cost of the blinds. The winrate in the blinds is:
    -100bb/100 for BB
    -50bb/100 for SB
    As simple as that.
  • BogdanDr


    Great video. Defenetly we could use more.
    Another way to remove the efects of the blinds is to filter by vpip=true, so you will be left with only hands that you invested money in preflop, hence excluding all other hands including blinds!
  • TripleAceIRL


    Love this video, thank you!