NL 25 SH Session-Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • wieslawlach


    hi, 14:00 why did u fold QKo on BU to the raise from UTG/MP ( i dont remember ) , it isn,t your style of play or something ? I know u dont have any reads etc but u have position so u can ez control the pot and situation on this spot.

    Anyway, thanks for your great and usefull videos ,

    cheers from poland
  • plaukas


    Nice video again :) I like the session-reviews more because the boring phases are cut out. Keep it up.
  • generals007


    You definitely play more LAGgish than I do :D
    I'd basically never raise 64o or call J9o at all in those situations.
    Thanks for recording :)

  • salflip


    Great video and well explained, you clearly have a good understanding of the theoretical aspect of the game. I'm looking forward to the next one!
  • hasenbraten


    Ty for positive Feedback. Im not playing that laggy normally imo. But this depends on your definition of "LAG" :)

    Im folding KQo there usually if i dont have a read on how to play with or without hits. I dont like calling there for having Khi on 2 out of 3 flops and on 1 out of three flops i might be determined to play for potcontrol right from the flop. If i know just a little about my villian its okay to coldcall but completly without a read i dont think its a must-call. But i dont expect it to be totally of if you coldcall there without a read, should be kinda +-0 EV i guess
  • Naminuk


    nice vid hassen. Your english is getting alot better ! I can see a diference from your first video and now GL And TY
  • gestureman


    Good to see a 6 seater session without poker tracker....good hand analysis etc...more please, really enjoyed it.
  • mouse89