The Sky is the Limit

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  • $40,000
  • Heads-up
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In the new video from Jungleman, we are taken through his thoughts at a Cake 40k Heads-up game. Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback!


CakePoker high stake Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third video from Jungleman. We look forward to your feedback & comments!
  • Tahigwa


    Da werden sich die 3 User mit Diamondstatus aber freuen dass sie das sehen dürfen.
  • DanielK


    Please keep the comments in english ;-)
  • cekrse


    <3 #3
  • Tim64


    Thanks; useful as always. One observation: villain ch/b flops and delayed cb's often, making turn ch/R for value good in principle. H/ever, seems he is min delayed cbetting a lot of turns rather than 1/2pot+, and then folding to the ch/R (happened 2 or 3 times). So wondering if we should just lead turns more often if we can't count on much aggressive dead money?
  • OnkelHotte


    @3: C'mon, the 2 other videos were accessible with Gold status. I guess you would agree that we should also set some incentives to become Diamond, right? :-)
  • everyoneissolid


    #3 you mad?
  • regie


    i would love to see the whole vid. I love JM videos
  • AceOnRiver


    #8 to become diamond you need to produce rake (depending on your site) somewhere between 2000 and 4000 dollar/month
    an account at one of the charging poker educational sites on the other hand costs you 30 dollar.

    --> all videos should be available at platin status, noone who is platin will produce a couple of thousand dollars more to see some vids he can get elswhere for 30 dollars, you could still keep the diamond exclusive forums
  • OhKonner


    @11 common misconception about rake: you dont pay rake to ... its a mere benefit u get for being tracked. if u play stakes in which the concepts talked about in this vid (obv i wouldnt know about them, since im not diamond) are relevant then thered be no real hinderance for u to be diamond pretty soon, even if bumhunting nl hu..
  • itSmIn3z


    #11 and if u watch the videos on another site u don't pay the rake, right!?
    this videos should for sure not be any other status than diamond... feel free to watch it on another site but don't cry around here like babies
  • JojoDeluxe


    mrnietsche: you pay rake for playing poker independent whether you are tracked via or not. So what the hell are you talking about?
  • JojoDeluxe


    oh not mrnietsche just a fanboy
  • Falco35


    I dont aggree!
    Most of the diamonds(99%) pay NOTHING to see the diamond vids. They have the bonus of playing tracked and get diamond status. Rake is rake and everybody have to pay it! So you cant say "xy has to pay this $ or this $" to see a vid.
    If we want to see junglemans vids or other we have to pay at another site. So even if im playing untracked at Stars since this week and in future I will not see any vid Silver+,
    I like PokerStrategys system!
  • Syzzzurp


    really really really sucks that i can't watch this video - poker strat. just went down in my estimation, i won't be renewing my subscription (and lol at ever being able to achieve diamond status)
  • AceOnRiver


    well there is a great missconception about the worth of the diamond status at the moment charges 3999dollar/year for diamond status when you can basically get the same for 360dollar/year at the other coaching sites.

    Then again the possibility to buy status is pretty new so why not try it out realize noone pays for it then lower the price
  • SubRichdom


    oh come on why is this no platin vid :D
  • robbyttt


    who gives a fuck about whining lowrollers?
  • fusionpk


    the whole point is they don't want you to be able to buy diamond, PS' business model isn't the same as many competitors, it's built through affiliation. The reason they charge so much is because they want it to be elite, a group that has to be either earned or wanted, and buy charging such a premium price, it allows for this. No you don't pay your rake to PS but they earn more the more you rake, hence why they 1) want you to be a winning player and 2) want you to play tracked. It's not rocket science.

    As for the video I thought it was ok.

    After ch/rai'ing AT on AQx4 fd on the turn, I don't get the river bet on the 4? I mean you never fold out the chops and you don't get called by worse? yet as you say on the river he probably just has a draw like J8fd?
  • AceOnRiver



    the rake you pay in hu is capped at about 7dollar 100hands no matter what limit you play, so unless you play over 50k hands hu every month you dont get diamond even if you play 200/400
  • filipetheman


    hi jungleman since he cbets so infrequently why didn´t you ajust by leading more hands?
  • IronPumper



    I agree 100% with you and find that high-quality-content should be only released for diamond-members, just to give your clients a motivation to actually become here a diamond-member and not to play on untracked site.

    This have been always my personal opinion and it is kinda cool that I can say it one time loud without being diamond atm (b/c have grinded last month too less on a tracked site) w/o fearing to get ridic comments like "ah your are only bullshitting here and this in only your view b/c you are a
    diamonond-member, but it is not your general view" -> haha, in your face, haters!
  • horsetranquilizer


    his opponent is far from a winning player, right?

    i'd love to see a hu battle jungle vs a top 5 player
  • goldfishoo


    the guys that play stakes high enough to get something good from this video are usually diamond +
    nice vid ! really impressed with the turn+river barrel, and how much he was folding there
  • Locki13


    a bit too long of an introduction... boed, moving on...
  • filipetheman


    have another question its more theory based.

    since you we´re betting after he checked flop a ton, he probably should be checking more good hands behind.

    but supossing an oponent who folds very litle on the flop just very stationy on the flop but bets a lot when you CBH, how would you adjust? since checking back more good hands makes you loose value on the flop.
  • junglemandan


    @ Tim whether to lead or c/r turns depends on board texture, his tendency to bet when you check with bluffs or value hands, how much air he has in his range, and the value of your hands

    Leading wide will pretty much always be OK because he checks so much are that he is forced to fold on the turn, however it is necessarily the best option based on these other things. For ex, if he has air he can bluff with or a pair he will vbet/protect with, it may be better to c/r to get him off such hands or trap to get more value from bluffs, potentially those hands, or air that improves on the river
  • junglemandan


    @fusionpk if I am reading the hand right perhaps i thought he had KQ or so? also the hand I have is good very often so while it may be true that I rarely get hero called, betting can't really be bad since when I am called I nearly always chop at worst case
  • junglemandan


    @filipetheman when ppl check back more leading becomes more +Ev sure, but there is actually little incentive to lead bluff more because you get freecard anyway and as for leading for value/stronger bluffs... this can be good, but you also at some level want to keep some of his weaker hands for which you gain more value from letting them see free cards
  • Astron1984


    :-((((why for diamond
  • MTV100


    daniel the best !
  • Att0r


    ist das video von 2011? falls ja einfach nur lol