Too Little, Too Late

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In the new video from JonathanLittle, he goes through a series of hands where only one thing is in common: He busts out of the tournament! Leave your feedback & questions for Jonathan!


Blind Defense Blindbattle hand history review thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the bustout hand review from JonathanLittle! We look forward to your comments!
  • BillGatesIII


    Nice concept. A question about the deeper stacked busto's. In your thought process, you do not take into account preserving chips can also be important in a tournament. Can you explain why?
  • haligh


    NICE! i do like, but i i dont agree with the ranges you gave the opponents in your 7d9d hand...i just think they might call you off much looser, as your shove doesnt rep that much!?
  • JonathanLittle


    I never mind going broke in an event when deep stacked if I think my play is +EV, especially if the tournament is tough.

    With the 97, I dont see how we could make any play besides a checkpush. By pushing, im repping a 3, a mid pair, or a draw. While it isnt much, I think pushing the best of all the optinos.
  • Tahigwa


    Good Content as always, but a little hard to digest this time.

    Btw. Altrum Altus (the chosen one) you mentioned is a guy called william reynolds. He is a Reg in tourneys and cg and also commentating UK EPT.


    Hi JonathanLittle,

    Is that your EV formula as below?
    P(fold)*dead money+[P(call)*(P(win)*(total pot-our stack)]

  • Tillit


    Very interesting as always. I just dont get why you use notepad and your calc instead of an open office sheet where you just have to put the values in and can apply the same calculation.
  • Rolo23


    I like the idea a lot.
    I don't like the notepad+calculator method.
    In the 9d7d hand, in your calculation you dont count for the fact that there are 2 players which can call you instead of just one, mich makes the push more likely to be bad. [In your calculation you basically suppose the first raiser will fold 100% of the time, which is of course wrong.]
  • smokinnurse


    - 1st hand: KJo
    imo if he's a reasonable player he will never fold against us
    so i dont see that type 98s/JTo-range but more Ax and value-range
    therefore it's imo -EV to reshove
    i prefere stop'n go play in that spot

    - AQs
    in 75/150 with less than 10bb i think we can take the risk an do that -EV play
    i also would discount AAs from his range
    so it bcomes an 40/60 spot - which should be fine in my opinion

    - AKo on monocrome Jxx
    ch/f flop imo
    as played bet 650/fold turn

    - J9o without any FE after folding - a rel. clear oddscall for me

    - 97s ch/shove
    for shoving i prefere nut/2nd nut FD + overs, like KdQd/Adxd