In a Little too Deep

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In this video, we are taken through a series of hands by JonathanLittle, which have been played while being deepstacked at the table, where interesting situations are encountered.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the deep-stack review from our MTT-Legend Jonathan Little!

    We look forward to your feedback & questions!
  • turoo


    gerd, immer nuss :megusta:
  • Skring


    Very nice, standard-tricky examples!

    Great vid! ;)
  • regie


    at 12:30 i dont agree with cbeting. Its seems to be a spot where you dont cbet with nothing at all. Do you expect fold from made hands?
  • ThreeFour34


    I find these situations (7-5o hand)did not came often, i mean, someone risking so much with air, so most of the times we face overpair and lose a lot, for sure in the middle stage of tourneys.
  • ThreeFour34


    About last hand, there can go many times wrong, first there is one with bigger stack, already made classic raise, he can carry a lot, including AA and KK. There is also a 4-bet, probably (more than 80%) having more that A6, and there is also fold option for both of them, so i guess you are risking whole stack with best coinflip percentage, on the other hand you get about 250 money already in pot, thats less than 10%. Might work sometimes, but i guess you will get called much as 1 in 10, and be underdog.
  • Leviatan


    the 57o play was pretty terrible imo..
    Raising pre. Ok. u can raise whatever u want as long as your oponents doesn't play back at you too much..
    Calling the min 3bet.. kinda ok.. Not really good implied odds.. but the re raise was too small.. descent gamble spot.. and also u shouldn't have reverse implied odds..
    Now reraising the flop after the 3better cbets a huge percentage of his stack making the pot plus his bet almost twice his remaining stack.. meaning 0 FE..with a crappy mid pair.. is just the fishiest move I've ever saw u make ;) I mean you equity is absolutely marginal against his range..
  • Gameslave


    @leviatan: I don't understand why you like the call pre when you say in the same sentence there are no good implied odds, especially if you say it's a gamble spot. So, if he has good implieds it would be good call if not it would be a bad one.
    @Jonathan: villian has about 27BB and you about 40BB. If you call pre you have to go broke very light as you said. But because you hit most times only one pair and his 3bet range with 27BB are a lot more overpairs than Ax, I see there only AK and AQ, you risk about 75% of your stack by a hit where you could be almost drawing dead or perhaps 75% ahead. Not to forget the flops where you have to give up. So I see no alternative to fold preflop after his 3bet.
  • livelydolphin


    I guess before we criticize the 57o hand we have to look at a few things. 1st we have to look at how often jonathan raise preflop and whether the opponent can 3 bet with weaker hands as well. If we are unsure of this we can prob expect opponent to 3 bet there with a strong range on the sb.
    However I got to disagree with gameslave, even with just AK and AQ, they made up more combinations or about the same combinations with overpairs. And also even with overpairs the 57o is not drawing dead.
    Overall though I think there's no need to take such big risk with the 57o hand, especially considering your edge against the weaker opponents, and you have a pretty big stack size. Furthermore villian's stack size do cause damage to your stack.
  • bj355


    Ever feel like making another video similar to the 10 part monster session you did awhile back?
  • JonathanLittle


    At 12:30, I think we fold out all ands worse than an 8. A lot of those hands will call, which will at least let us see a turn card, which is never bad with a gutshot. If I had air here, I would be more prone to checkfold.

    As for the 75, I dislike the call preflop against all but the most spazzy opponents. It is certainly a spew. I think the postflop play is fine.
  • gaaish


    Great video, I really like your thought process and ability to make self-critisizing comments. Not many coaches understand nowadays, that a good hh review is not about justifying their controversial moves, but about showing and explaining correct ones ;).
  • JonathanLittle


    It is super important to be able to take a step back and make sure you are playing well. This applies to many more things than just poker.
  • jimmy99x


    i like the way u think . good one
  • nosnbaer22


    i would always flat 75o vs min 3b. he wants to get sucked out so it's his problem. flop is imo a call even though a shove is not that bad because i c me so often to call a shove with overs casue i c people shoving their draws so often. it's a good spot to balance but imo u don't have to balance cause u have vakuum spots almost everytime in mtts.. call flop, check turn, call river
  • nosnbaer22


    like Ak in the last hand cause u got the blockers and doubling up in the beginning or being bust si not that big of a deal. good stack to continue or bust and being rdy to open another one. if it's a higstakes tournament i would just 5bet small and fold to a shove i guess casue people never have QQ in this spot imo
  • guenni187


    No Gold Member and No english but thanks ^^