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In this video, our Sng-coach "lessthanthree" discusses situations where a special eye is kept on betsizing. Enjoy the video!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from lessthanthreee. We look forward to your questions!
  • dydukas


    Your stats are as always not visible.. just pop ups. :(
  • lessthanthreee


    @dydukas, sorry about that again :( i did a series of videos in a row where I didnt realise the stats were not showing. I have figured out how to make them show in future videos.
  • Antonioull



    Nice video ) , To be honest at around 30min i got really surprised u didn complete with AJ , 6 handed yr really fav to be ahead
  • dydukas


    At 200/100 level do you raise the same from the SB regardless if there's ante or not? Good example was the supposed fish raising to 550 when there were antes. You said it's too big while actually it is almost exactly what you recommended just in true BBs.
  • kurrkabin


    Nice video again!

    Min 35:31- ATo, would u shove any Ace here on the bubble? Do you have something like a standard range vs regs or semi-loose fishes?
  • Tim64


    8:30 KK; i feel flop raise is too small. I agree we comfortably get AI on river with a small sizing, but I think we need to be thinking of charging a decent amount. We are betting less than 1/2 p as it is (even ignoring fish donk). Guess its sort of ok since we have 2 of his outs when he has JT, but we also need to protect against overcards on turn which make his 9T or w/e look even worse. This guy is so clearly a fish, that I want more value on the flop and since 44 etc. is not getting to s/d anyway I'd like to maximise vs his calling range, so I want to make it 275+.
  • ghaleon


    37:00 27s - I doubt a bit that you can really play that profitably? I am fine calling with something like 47s as it has quite much more playability, but 27s seems too wild to me.
  • Tim64


    26:50 23o; don't like the limp/stab here. Hand is utter trash and we face a player who either is willing to run stupid bluffs post by raising our stabs with his own air, or, at the very least knows that we are limp/stabbing air since we limp/stab/folded Axx prev against him in which case our limp/stab will have even less feq if he happens to hit a piece.
  • Tim64


    28:55 AJ; I think it's a slightly tricky spot. But my instinct is that given loosish stats of utg and the cold call from SB, we can call here (getting over 4:1). I think we can make a better argument for folding if it's HU. But once SB calls, we get better odds and to some extent SB keeps utg honest. We'll sometimes have some diffucult decisions post but I think the odds compensate.
  • Tim64


    31:41 jam JK from co 2757 chips; 32:16 min+ raise with AA from HJ with same chip count. Guess it's fine to play exploitively here, though I wonder if shoving AA too might look weaker depending on who is on ur table...
  • Tim64


    36:50 complete with 72s; pretty marginal (even for 6:1) given we passed up JA earlier, and here we are not last to act so BB can sqz if he is at all decent.
  • Tim64


    38:35 I think 3betting to 950 would be the equivalent of writing "I have AA in chat". There is literally no other hand he'd do it with :)
  • Tim64


    Thanks <3, great stuff as always :)
  • lessthanthreee



    with <20bbs eff stacks its a shove or fold decision. I usually shove here, maybe my opponent raising UTG was particularly tight. Although I think we should at least flat getting the pot odds.


    I actually like mixing it up from the SB depending on the opponent. usually raising 2.5-3x vs fish and 2.25x vs regs (depending on stacks). the deeper we are the bigger I raise.


    I think it depends on the SB, I will often fold bad off-suit aces against tight stealers in this spot. vs regs and semi-loose fish my std range here is ~25%-30%. weighted towards suited. Although I like tightening/loosening that depending on game-flow.


    KK - yeah you could raise bigger if you want, I felt his size/line was SO weak i did not want him to get scared off by a big flop raise. I also want him to stay in there with draws and hit a pair on the turn. having 2 blockers helps a lot. maybe 250 is a better size on review.

    23o - often I just fold here, when I do play its because of game-flow more than anything. Sometimes vs thinking players, if my limp/stab doesn't get through last orbit Ill try it again because they might put me on more of a trap range hoping they play back again. Folding here is probably better though, hand strength is just so bad.

    AJ - I agree. I like a flat if im not sure about shipping vs his range.

    KJo - exploitable play is often the most +EV, especially when both blinds are unknowns.

    27s - BTN open limpers = whales :P I like playing pots with them.

    38:35 - I agree, although vs fish it doesnt matter. they dont think on that level. vs regs its bad to 3bet anyway, just ship.
  • DrPepper


    Flawless video! A lot of interesting spots and a very important topic. Great!
  • grindtolive


    amazing video nice job!!!

    33:41 from the button dont you think is a good hand to shove K8o?sb cant call wide because he is deep and he will fold most of his range.Icm here is K7o from the button and bb seems tight so you still have FE that you can maximize by shoving.What do you think of my thought?

    When you flatted ATo dont you think generally is bad played?You cant get value and you pray for a slow action
  • wiarygodny



    i like your comment to Tim's doubts abt 72s play "27s - BTN open limpers = whales :P I like playing pots with them."

    i think its a great example showing how the game evolves in a very fast pace, since now you do it yourself (even if not exactly in same spots) and ive assumed you started just a few months after your comment :)

    Great video, a lot of great, well explained analysis of bet sizes in different spots! Thanks