Micro Surgery - Part 8 - Midterms - Part 1

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In the eighth part of Micro Surgery, Boomer is mixing it up by posing questions to us mid-video to assist with the development of a thought process we can use. So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!


Micro Surgery PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the eighth part of "Micro Surgery" from our FL-Legend Boomer2k10!

    Leave your thoughts and questions for our coach below & enjoy the video!
  • sgriglae


    Very nice! Please make some more questions like these in your next video.
  • ZeroDegrees


    Thumbs up, love it!
    One thought: Won't a good player who has gotten rid of his worst leaks and who can adjust and read the table good be making 10 or more BB's/100 hands?
  • madorjan


    #3 Not sure if level... I hope so. In LHE 2BB/100 is an exceptional winrate nowadays, I've only seen a few players making more than that. 1BB/100 is still pretty good at small/midstakes IMO.
  • Sendrafreak


    Hello Boomer,

    I LOVE this format! The good thing about it is that two birds are killed with one stone, by which I mean that live play is combined with instructional aspects like asking questions to the viewer. The latter thing means that the viewer is invited to participate ACTIVELY in the game process! So there should be more videos of this format!

    Best regards from Germany,

    #madorjan I agree with you, even 1 BB / 100 "plus (!!)" nowadays is quite good at small-/midstakes, break-even or a little minus is "standard" IMO

    Na, meg kek a duna? ;-)
  • Christiraistlin


    Really interesting video. I've watched some of the logical knot and all the micro surgery, and you made me want to try playing SH again. But I still have some questions.

    1. In .25/.5 SH, is it really needed to defend 65% of the bigblinds ?

    2. Don't you have ONE video you could share with us where you took badbeats and badbeats again... Last year, when I stopped playing I was just thinking that TPGK was a poor hand when facing aany action, because anytime I hit it in 1/2 ou .5/1, I was facing a double pair or a set or even better... On your side, you never seem to be ending up hitting TP and getting owned, and it just makes me think I was running bad (even if my roll had dropped by 75% and 2 limits in 1 months...(And I cashed out anithing but 100$)

    3. I came back to the game last month with a 100$ BR, now up to 440$ in .1/.2 FR (in fact, 500$, but down 60$ in .25/.5 right now). My question is about something you said in a previous video about shooting up limits even without the proper Bankroll. Is it really a problem if I decide to play something like 100k hands before shooting the up limit ? just to be sure I've beaten the current and have some limit where I'm sure I'm a winning player and back off if thing go nasty ? Or is the idea to shoot up, go 1/2, then 2/4, then 3/6 just on a rungood then get the return of variance and get crushed then have to go down back to the starting point and be just disgussed of the game??

    Btw, sorry for my poor english, it's not my native language at all ^^'
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys, thanks very much for your comments. The next video is another one like this and then I'll see in the future about maybe doing a few more videos like it, maybe at higher stakes once a few more Logic Knot vids are out. Appreciate any and all constructive feedback.


    1) It is possible you should back off some, maybe to 55-60% or so given rake and how tight the players are but vs a TAG at any stakes 65% would be my default. Anything below 55% is letting anyone even remotely positionally aware exploit you.

    2) Yup, more than a few :) Although the last one I was running terribly on the session sorted itself out when I won consecutive 25BB pots (one of which was flopping a Straight flush vs a turned full house). Then I remembered I'd paused the recording and not turned it back on...all round horrific beat.

    Joking aside when I was coming up through the stakes I had a 400BB downswing at 0.5/1 (only about 3 years ago) and literally NOTHING won...I think I went 0 for 10 with KK, it was brutal but these things happen and my lifetime winrate at 0.5/1 is around 3BB/100.

    3) A lot of that depends on your own state of mind and how you want to approach the game.

    I know that for me when I was coming up through the stakes I was playing between 10 and 15k hands a month and, according to my coach and others around me, I was developing faster than my roll was so spending 100k hands (6-7 months) at a limit like 0.5/1 to "be sure" wasn't the optimal way for me to play.

    I was much better taking 100BB shots at higher stakes and seeing if it stuck and fortunately for me it did and I went from 0.5/1 to 3/6 (BR for 5/T easily) in about 6 months. Of course this isn't going to happen to everyone and a lot is going to depend on what you are comfortable with losing.

    I had a secure job and regular excess monthly income so I wasn't as vulnerable to a bad run as others may have been like students etc.

    I have a video in the works looking at different bankroll strategies as I do think that "1 size fits all" doesn't work in the BR world and there are different ways for different people.

    Hope I've answered your questions
  • Boomer2k10


    Grr one of my comments got eaten:

    The basic gist of it as advise is don't do it alone. I'm a big fan of Skype/AIM/Forum groups as they allow you to get perspective on how you're doing and plus, they're fun :)
  • Christiraistlin


    Well, you answered very well. Thanks a lot.

    I should try to find someone to group with to play on skype with him. Pretty strong advice. My problem is that I'm french speaker, and on the french forum, for the vast majority of players, they play on ".fr". And I'm not stupid enough to join them there and pay monstruous rake to French government...

    That being said, I have played something like 50k hands in .1/.2, but that was full ring, so 8 tables didn't really matter... I ended up with +3.5BB/100, so I think that it's normal to be suffering right now in .25/.5 a little bit.

    But i'll go ahead and try a more spewy BRM and go back to SH. I miss the action even if it was kinda frustrating sometimes.
  • Tarhonya


    I like the new format, even though I tend to stop your videos and think about what I'd do in certain situations, but now I don't have to :)

    Even though you made a couple of mistakes, at least you walked us through what you did wrong or what you could do better.

    One thing that bugged me is that I think you are taking the HUD way too seriously when you only have a couple of hands on villains, like @17:50 KQo. You have 3 (!) hands on the guy which I think is not enough to be a factor when we decide what we'll do, even if the guy posted in the CO.

    I use my HUD the way that it only shows stats about villains after 10 hands because vpip and pfr can show us tendencies after 10 hands, but before that I believe it's just completely useless.
  • Boomer2k10


    Usually I don't take my HUD that seriously and am one of the first to say that they don't converge for a while (is easy to get lazy with them) but when someone posts in the CO you can usually mae certain assumptions regarding them and in that hand I may not have articulated my thought process that well but I'm almost always going to attack a poster in the BB as much as I can and with KQ in that position I would check back the turn vs most players as it falls into the classic "Too weak to Value to strong to bluff" range.

    My comments were made with him in mind but mainly more around weaker players.
  • jimmy99x


    2 in one . good video . thanks
  • Yoghurt1973


    Liked it, keep those midterms coming please.
  • acanderuser


    rly good vid, thank u
  • sneakybeaky


    A bit late to the party, but this format is fantastic - please do continue to use ! I understand that it's extra work for you, but it really does make a difference for the viewer.