insyder19 vs. Sim87 - Part 1

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  • $1000
  • Heads-up
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A dubbed Diamond video from the German community; Sim87 & insyder19 hit the felt heads-up. Enjoy the video!


insyder19 vs. Sims87 Session Review

Comments (22)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from "Sim87" & "insyder19", where they play against each other heads-up.

    This video is dubbed and was released in the German community earlier this year.
  • dukkke


    So why is the german video diamond and this one gold?:) Was it too hard to understand insyders accent? ^^
  • GodBlessYou1


  • grrgrrbla



    i really like your hud, any chance of posting/uploading it here?
  • moppel99


    Ohne insyderrrs stimme ist das irgendwie nur halb so cool vom entertaining faktor her...
  • stylus20


    yikes dubbing insyderrrs voice is really ridiculous.. it's not like he didn't make tons of english videos for dc and noone complained.
  • Dodozz


  • gammastrahler


    insyders voice is nice....and nice that this one is gold
  • DanielK


    We just decided to Release again a dubbed video and look for your Feedback.

    We released it as gold because its from earlier this year and because the dubbed version can obv be never as good as the original.

    We also get more Feedback this way :)
  • Roflmofl


    so are there any chances that u will set the german version to gold also?
  • SvenBe


    he Roflmofl, watch our news section closely for the next two weeks - I am pretty sure we'll lower the status of some videos (not necessarily this one tough)
  • Kruppe


    hahahahaha, using a voice actor :D
    shame, i kind of liked insyder's unique accent
  • fusionpk


    Hey insyder, on 56 hand don't you prefer to call turn ch/shove R? My thoughts being that we have seen him betting alot of turns, we have also seen him overbet turn overbet river. We look more like a bluff catcher by calling. I think by raising we look pretty strong, especially to him since he checks back alot of gutters on dry boards etc. so probably assumes these are in our range too? Or do you think overall we need to raise the turn to get more money in?
  • fusionpk


    Also dubbing videos that are foreign is great, but when the guy can speak fluent English like insyder, would prefer to have his voice over. Thanks :)
  • mbml


    insyder is obviously not going to waste his time putting his own voice in english again, don't forget he is paid hundreds of dollars for his time to produce this video. on the other hand u probably need to pay the dubber way less for his translation efforts.
  • Guru79


    The voice actor does a great great job. I don't know insyder's voice and mistakingly thought the speaker was insyder. Didn't sound at all like he was reading a text or real time translating.
  • p0rkus


    #18 Thanks ;) Also I think this video was being dubbed before insyder started making regular videos for our community. I might be wrong though.
  • pokerjan


    Ty Great Vid
  • TomJetland


    happened to me as it did to guru79, good job mr. voice actor.
  • Syzzzurp


    actually like this guys voice
  • Heffron89


    I miss FTP software :(
  • spl4t


    wow the voice guy is really good! really seemed asif he played the session himself. although theres nothing like the real insyder :)