Playing SnGs Professionally - Part 2

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In the follow-up episode of "Playing SnGs Professionally", our SnG expert, faarcyde, discusses pre-game mindset, routines and staying ahead of the game in general through a professional attitude. Enjoy the video!


Playing SNGs Professionally series Theory Video

Comments (23)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of "Playing SnGs professionally" from faarcyde!
    Feel free to leave your thoughts & feedback below.
  • PotteR16


    translate pls!!!!
  • elfigus


    nice video! we really have very similar thinking process ;)
  • grrgrrbla


    very nice video!

    @faarcyde: i've got a few questions:

    would really like to hear about your regular work-week: how many hours are u playing and when? when are u studying and how? how long are your sessions usually?

    why u think hourly goals make sense, when money goals don't? do you set a hourly goal of like: at the end of the month i would like to have a hourly of 100$/h or how does it work? can u give an example?


    where is the part 1? thanks
  • DanielK


    @5 You also can Click on the tags in the video to find other parts of series.
  • encani38


    TRANSLATE a español ???
  • janushr


    nice video,sound thinking...very nice:)
  • faarcyde


    @grrgrrbla: I usually play five hour sessions with a ten minute break in there somewhere, 5-6 days a week.

    In terms of goals, I don't like money goals because it isn't something you can control in the short- and mid-term. I'd rather focus on things you can control like the number of hours, study time, and warm up and cool routines.
  • Boubben


    First of, really good series! I find this very helpful! Hope to see a third part!

    How long did it take for you to be able to do 5h sessions? I play hu-sngs and if i 2table, i get tired after 1h. Sometimes even after 30 mins. I imagine it might be a bit easier if you play fullring tables tho.
  • acceleration123


    This is GOLD. I seriously mean it. I love the series. 3rd part ftw !
  • faarcyde


    @Boubben: I have always been able to play longish sessions, not sure why...I will say since working on my mental game (breathing exercises, injecting logic statements, journaling) it has helped me even more to power through the tough beats, run bad and fatigue. Being able to maintain your emotional center will allow you to develop more stamina.

    @Acceleration123: Thanks, that means a lot.
  • vidrata


    Thanks a lot for this series, I hope you go for part 3!

    Also could you recommend some of the book you have referred to in the video?

  • faarcyde


    @Vidrata: The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler and The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.
  • BruceShee


    Great vid faarcyde! Glad that you're pointing out the idea of holistics of human nature. I've been dealing with coachings for last couple of months and they've made me realise how essential is understanding of our naure and all aspects and the interconnections/mechanics between them. It's great to hear about it from someone else as well!
    Hope to see more vids from ya :) GL
  • wasy8


    part 1 and 2 of this series is definitely something i needed to hear right now, especially from someone whose game/results i really respect. cheers.
  • mktpppr


    make part 3 pls, very good series
  • chaserr


    great serie, part 3 for sure =) implemented some things from vid1 and worked out perfectly.
  • chaserr


    Great serie, part 3 pls =) Implemented some things from part1 and worked out perfectly!
  • Fajer


    These experiences for improving the mental part of playing poker are very helpful. I definitely would be happy for part 3. These vids are made great!
  • halabasa


    id like too add to preperation one 1important element: always shit off in morning before u start playing. it could sund ironic but is rly immportant for me.
  • bashpepe89


    #22 ahaha true!^^

    great video(s)