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A 4-tabling shorthanded sessionreview from insyder19, he goes through the various spots encountered and plays a little heads-up at the beginning while the table fills up. Enjoy the video!


PokerStars Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new Omaha video from insyder19!

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts & feedback!
  • STYLE51


    du scheinst ein ganz schönes multitaskingtalent zu haben. ;)
  • Shinobi104


    wieso kann insyder fließend deutsch und us-englisch ?
  • DanielK


    Please keep the comments in english because many different languages will watch this video.

    Discussions in english can be read by everyone :)
  • firsttsunami


    Like always: informative and entertaining. :)
  • insyder19


    I was told there is some issue with the audio for 1 min twice in the video where I am talking Eng as well as Russian for some reason. No idea what happened there but it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Sorry about that guys.
  • misticman


    i enjoyed it...all 4 minutes...lot of stuff to learn in that 4 minutes...:O ...................................................
    why don't u change this...basically there is nothing different between basic or gold status when we want to watch these videos for bigger status..that sucks :/ change it to bigger status more minutes and it would be nice :)))
  • trafford3


    there is back voice in russian, talking on the phone)
    do you speak it?)
  • weasy


    nice content but...

    1. the back voice telephone talking is annoying and...

    2. your roommate "Teschner" should change his cell phone number ;-)



    min: 32:30 AQT3:hh (OL), auch wenn du das board nicht light cbettest - du cR es doch sicher auch nicht light,oder?

    Klar hat man (wenn dem so ist) ein wenig mehr dead money aber der spr suckt mit 10:1 am flop doch immer noch?

    Wenn wir betten, können wir zumindest den typen hinter uns (evtl.) in den pot involvieren mit weaker draws (die er nach deinem CR folded) und selbst wenn wir gecallt werden:- behalten wir doch auch schlechtere draws drin am flop + bekommen eq rause/verhindern freecard + können ja auch turn cr etc.
  • DanielK


    Hey guys,

    sorry for the issue with the video, i watched it partwise for the quality but i havent heard the russian part.

    I just watched it again and found it on Minute 14, is there also a other part where it happens?

    Because i will cut it out now!
  • DanielK


    So i managed to travel back in time to make the phone call not happening :P

    Video should be fine now!

    Have fun watching :)
  • MrBocian


    Around 16:00 you talk about the difference between pf 3bet range of tight and loose players, claiming that 20/15 player 3betting 10% of his hands has tighter range than 35/25 player 3betting the very same 10%.

    You're mistaken, it's not 10% of 20% (2%) or 10% of 35% (3.5%), that would lead to a conclusion that everybody threebets only premium Aces and Kings - and that's prolly not how it works ;)

    VPIP, PFR and PF3B are not derived from each other.

    10% = 10% ;)