Basics of PLO MTTs - Part 1 : Early Stage

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In his new series Scott Clements will guide you through everything you need to know about basic PLO Tournament Strategy. The first part will focus on the early stage including a theoretical summary followed up by the review of two Tournaments our coach has recently played.


Basics of PLO MTTs Session Review Theory Video

Comments (23)

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the Video! Please keep the comments in english!
  • betwinner


    Translate in german please. Thanks
  • Nebelspalter


    Erfreut euch an dem Video! Schreibt die Kommentare in Englisch!
  • suyem


    Please keep the comments in english!
  • sp1ke36


    Any chance this will be downgraded to silver? Please?
  • Bauer86


    Nice Vid :) Thx a lot!
  • Zivilist


    hmmm... awkward game.. hand at 22.30 superstrange... amongst others.

    do u also play CG?
  • viktoalia


    saw the first day before a 109$ PLO tourny on WilliamHill...was my first PLO tourny...won the ticket on satelite...had played the satelite only for fun (NLH Player)...and? InTheMoney :)

    Thx for that Scott and gl
  • ScottClements


    not sure what CG is. What part of the hand was superstrange? i will go over it.
  • viktoalia


    CG=cash game...i guess
  • spudx


    @ Scott: CG = Cash Game
  • furn1


    Translate in to Poland. Thenks you!!
  • LX4DR


    min 14 what if u hit 3s on the turn?? i think u should discount here.. or at least give a thought on that ;)

  • LX4DR


    sry typed some seconds to early ;) but im still thinking u cant call 4 outs on threes etc.
  • LX4DR


    whats the probability him holding two spades with 10 spades left in the deck there?

    thx lx
  • Floppy77


    aa doublesuited...don't get it!
  • moveon123


    very good video thank you
  • MonkeySam


    translate to chinese xD

    Ty very much, great video and material.
  • ScottClements


    3 of Spades definitely not a nut out. he is more likely to have made hand than flush draw. Nut flush draw he wants more customers, and not as many combo draws on this board. he could have 2 pair and flush draw, but most likely made hand. And we decide to gamble in rebuy period.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    40:30 in case he would have checkraised you - would you just call or reraise all inn?
  • yinpin


    I have to agree with #7. If you would play like this in CG, it would be a very fishy play. I have no idea about PLO MTTs though.

    What kind of hands are you 3betting with? Why exactly do you play so passive preflop? After this vid, I feel your stats are like 40/10/0 (VPIP/PFA/3bet). Maybe, if you also play CG, you could explain more about the differences between PLO CG and MTT?
  • ScottClements


    #20. I am Just calling.

    #21 Tournaments are way different than CG, especially for PLO. Unlike cash games, where you push a lot of small edges, I will try to eliminate risk, to survive into later stages. One of the biggest mistakes players make is pushing small edges in tournaments during the early stages. The hand at Question was definitely odd. I put a blocker bet on river, maybe I could have taken a better line there.

    I also play PLO8, and with that game I play cash games, and tournaments. i play virtually opposite in cash as I do in tournaments.
  • cladarth


    hi, i think you said a lot of very important thinks but you play too tight:
    42:30 limp UTG+1 and you checked QQKT on BB vs 1 player? why? why dont you build a pot with very very strong hand vs weak player?
    42:00 WHAT!?!? open limp with 478Qds ?? you said "i'm playing tight in early phase" what do you want to hit on the flop vs 3 or 5 players?
    31:15 why did you check on turn? dont you want to get value from openendstr8 draw? from AKxx ?

    i've not seen another parts yet, but i think you have a big big problem with geting a value from big hands in early phase