Omaha User Review from Sweden

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For the userreview from suitedeule, we sent him deep into the mineral and strategy rich depths of Sweden for the purpose of polishing one of their Platinum members into a shiny Diamond. Let's see how they get on.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the user review from suitedeule for one of our Swedish members!

    We look forward to your questions & feedback!
  • princeofmonaco


  • Plajer1


    whey to basic video, but its silver, so for the beginers should be ok.
  • maksimboo


    how time ago this session was played?
  • suitedeule


    the video file says 2011-11-03 ;)
  • bartjuh


    the doublesuited QQ85 hand: you advice to 3bet preflop,but what if he 4bets? We have 36% against AAxx, but a lot of it comes from hittng a set, so fold without reads?
  • Ivarr


    Thank you Suitedeule. When I played this session had played PLO qutie serious for mabye one mouth, and its ridicules how tight and passiv I was. I have worked on that. After this sessin review, started I 3betting alot more especially, with hand thats is to strong to fold but will be hard to play if i just flat. The result has been the redline doesnt drop like before.
  • suitedeule


    @6 i explained how to calc wether to call a 4bet in this video in detail:

    @7 glad u liked the review. considering u changed ur playing style that much: do u want me to continue reviewing this session or do u want to submit a new one? ^^
  • luizsilveira


    Very nice vid.

    I personally would like a video specifically on how to play weakish made hands post flop, like two pairs and middle/bottom sets.

  • BillGatesIII


    Good clear explanation of your thoughts on the (mis)played hands.
  • Ivarr


    It is possible to do that? It is okey to do a PLO25 review insted then?
  • jimmy99x


    Sorry but nothing spesial . good and clear expenation .