WCOOP with chenny8888 - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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In this video, chenny discussed his own play at the $215 WCOOP Event.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the WCOOP Review from chenny!
  • JohnyC1337


    I am not the turney player but in AA hand he could have a set couldn ´t he? Is it +EV to always get it in on low board with AA? (I have the same problem in cash game)
  • elwakka


    i was happy to see finally mtt-content again, but i`m really suprised and don`t like your nearly whole early stage play.

    AK Flat against a limper and 3bb-raise to keep them in? You give extremely good set-mining odds. ->imo standard 3-bet spot

    all in all ty for the vid but i really hope the content becomes better on later strages...
  • chenny8888


    @2: don't be too afraid, especially on low-ish boards like this. there are very few hands in his coldcall a 3bet range that flop sets on this board so we're pretty safe (in fact JUST 99). generally speaking: overpair, 3bet pot, 100bb deep = get it in. here we're slightly deeper so we care about which overpair we have.

    @3: please mention what time the hands are (for reference it's at around 2230). i explained this kinda poorly in the video but the main reason i flat AKo here is because the fish has limped UTG and i want him in the hand with whatever he has. this is opposed to isolating against the regular, which is still profitable but not the best. i'm also flatting here with hands like jj and qq.
  • sirilidion


    I myself like to play a bit more tighter then this in the early levels. I this still ok or to I need to loosen up at these stakes?

    Also with the 73o hand although you might not get the right price considering how deep you are and most likely only going to continue if you hit 2 pair or trips shouldn't you take into account the implied odds?
  • mbml


    i dont play tourneys much but i have a question. how profitable is it to play loosely at early stages (if the table doesn't change)?

    In one of the Sunday Millions, I Was playing very loosely and these days everyone uses HUDs (like 35-40VPIP). Later on when blinds were higher, I continued stealing but my image was so bad that I wasn't getting any credit after that, getting restealed and 4betallined pretty often and I had to play like a complete nit.
  • chenny8888


    @5: no, implied odds aren't amazing in mega multiway pots. and pot odds would not be enough. in huge multiway pots flopping two-pair has some reverse implied odds, even.

    @6: i believe so. for example if you play the sunday million you are playing against maybe 500-1000 regulars including some of the world's best tournament players. you are also playing against 5000-6000 of the world's worst fish. basically, you want to get into spots with these fish before the 500-1000 players bust them. in the late stages getting messed with a ton is really standard these days, and foregoing so much EV to build a nitty image to avoid this is simply not worth it (people still mess with you a lot). besides, you break tables so often.
  • ThreeFour34


    I sometimes ask myself in that AA hand, what if that 3bet on flop means set or two pairs (ok 9-5 probably nobody call prefop raise). Does recreational just call set on flop? I know shoving AA is very EV+, but in that stage also risking much of a stack.
  • chenny8888


    Its simply too bad if that's the case. Against his range we do too well. If we lose, there's always next week ;)


    whats that program he uses?


    is that this elephant?
  • chenny8888


    it's holdem manager


  • rrrood


    When is part II coming online? :-)
  • lessthanthreee


    "Don't be bad"

    good advice sir! thnx for the vid
  • Gex222


    3# replay this video and listen how Chenny has described his flating , why etc.

    Great video , some basic stuffs ,some good moves.

    28:33 Board K4K3 with FD.On the turn isnt better for you to ship it here ?
    First of all i he has a flush draw and it wont come on the river you wont'be payed off.If he has a set or trips he will pay you anyway.
    After snap calling this you are showing him that ur hand is made- Full House so he shuts up on the river.I think any card on the river is a blank and he wont pay u.
  • freemot


    Isn't it better to bet/fold turn in the last AJ float hand (min 45) if you have nearly no showdown value? OK, he might force a bluff but I think betting is more +ev because he has to fold a wide part of his cbet-range.
  • chenny8888


    @16: he's really really polarised here between either purebluffs or Kx. I know that in the video I said he has a lot of flushdraws here but in retrospect, I feel that there are less flushdraws as they either make it bigger or make it this size and fold to my ship anyway because they don't have the odds (if they fold to a ship this is no good for us because they are not drawing live). Kx doesn't fold to me on the river anyway IMHO (I definitely don't think he folds Kx even on this bad river), so i'm really just looking to get maximum value from his purebluffs. Shipping it in definitely doesn't achieve that, and I decided that this specific player would not 4bet bluffshove the turn either so I decided not to go for a click it back. In this way I happen to be fully balanced between hands I would be calling turn with (marginal made hands such as TT/JJ type hands) as well as obviously much more nutted hands.

    @17: super super close spot for me here. I may have gone over this already in the video but on the flop I'll often flat AT here and float it. As for the turn, firstly: my image is usually quite "bad" in tournaments for getting away with bluffs; for example I imagine AK is rarely folding turn against me. Thus I'd turn AT into a bluff always here IMO (to fold out AQ and AJ hopefully), and AQ I always check back turn here (cause I'm still beating AJ, AT). With AJ we can do either, but I'd recommend tending towards checking when the board has 2 flushdraws. We can perhaps turn it into a bluff if the board had just the 1 flushdraw.


    is this video a complete joke? Nearly every hand that's played is pretty fucked up. Complete wast of time watching this
  • chenny8888



  • FlipFlop123


    Good video nice plays all in all i liked it.

    @4 you answered my question here but you say you will do the same with JJ,QQ i think that is really bad considering you have 5 players to act and some of them may flat call and your hand becomes very vulnerable

    or i may be missing something?
  • chenny8888


    @21: you're not missing too much, it just means we're going to have to fold some more with JJ postflop. I'm flatting there more often with JJ KK and AA and less often with QQ though.

    JJ is really a meh hand, because again like AKo you can't profitably get it in preflop for so many big blinds without history (and even if you could the EV gain would be small). With QQ+ you can, but with KK+ we're less vulnerable in more multiway situations and I'd rather let in more recreational players and win more chips on average. So for the most part I will be 3betting QQ just because we can quite comfortably/profitably get this hand in preflop AND it is extremely vulnerable multiway