Achieving the Top End of your Range - Part 1

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In this video, leatherass explains how to best represent the top end of your range, and provides many great general tips on being a successful poker player.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video guys! Let's have your feedback for Dusty!
  • lmrelvas


    Very nice video!
  • Dante63s


    love it :)
  • m3ta


    One of the best Vids I watched lately, cant wait for part two :)
  • STYLE51


    good stuff
  • Waaaghboss


    Really great stuff, can't wait for the next part
  • fidelloz


    great, inspirational
  • nosnbaer22


    great stuff
  • matusko


    great vid overall and loved the MJ clip :)
  • LooserSR


    wow amazing stuff, thx ! exactly what im struggling with, motivation and not enough hard work
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks everyone. Glad you like it!
  • AngleZero


    By far the best poker video I've ever seen. Thank you.
  • Dublimax


    Since everyone liked it I have to through in my comment! :)

    I'd rather have a real poker video from Leatherass than a motivational video. We have so much more to get from him (liked all your previous videos btw Dusty) than this. I mean loads of stuff like this is available on the net (all the clips etc...). Watch some TED videos as he mentioned and you are done.

    Eventhough his experience is valuable in terms of getting the best of us I think it would make more sense to have a tech video from him.
  • Leatherass9


    @Dublimax don't worry my friend. I have actually been working very hard on my own game and trying to create some interesting discussions with some hands and I am making several videos this week which will be out soon. This type of video is literally a 1 time deal (well it is 2 parts, but you get my point) and is a video I have wanted to make for quite some time now. It will not be for everyone of course. I knew when I was making it that a lot of people could care less about it. But I felt that there would be some who it may make a big difference for and so that was where my head was at. Thanks for your feedback as always and please be on the lookout for strategy content in the very near future.
  • Dublimax


    @leatherass: cool, looking forward to them!
  • praios


    super nice video thx
  • Robmaf


    I also would like to see your video showing how to improve in detail. Anyway I really like it! Good stuff.
  • JuiceQuadre


    Great stuff! Really liked this video, very inspirational and motivating, thank you =)
  • yomatiyo


    Today is manu ginobilli =) jajaja
  • yomatiyo


    I wish u had been my dad =(

    I have been my all life surrounded by mediocrish people.. and I like what u say:

    *Full time dedication... to everything I do, full time.
  • beardsell


    I love you
  • z1pz0r


    I do too
  • Leatherass9


    I love you guys too :) Glad you liked the video. Go crush it this year!!
  • Suiteng


    nice work, nice video:)
  • MagnumLemon


    I haven't watched the whole video yet. But my question is (relating on min ~8:00): Do you consider it healthy to totally give up your girlfriend and all your social life for your "professional" goals?

    I myself had similar thoughts in order to get the necessary time to achieve my own goals and I think it's possible to shut yourself from social life for maybe 1-2 months. But since we are humans we need more than just being very good in one thing for a life of fulfillment. Don't you agree?


  • Phantom07


    rly great video!
  • cazzz


    Brilliant video.
    So much similarity with my sports psychology course.
  • Rulo180


    Very interesting video!!
    whatching for 2nd time :)
  • pericas1991


    loved the vid, its obvious y u came that far dusty, being the hard core worker as u r... i have a tennis history, was sponsored at a tennis academy in germany, worked my ass off, didnt make it though, and i was really lucky to be there, coz with the discipline i got there, i improved to my level of play now, even though im still far away frow where i want to get... love all ur vids.. :D
  • pelator


    absolutely amazing video!
  • instaflip


    pretty nice stuff dusty! thx :)
  • SniffvsSnaf