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In the new Fixed-Limit Theoryvideo, Cornholio explores the topic of Odds & Outs. While Odds & Outs theme is highly regarded at the entry level fixed-limit strategy, until now there has been little focus on more advanced concepts. As a result, advanced players took less note about Odds & Outs as they knew the basics, despite the topic actually becoming a more frequently occurring opportunity for error. In this video, Cornholio highlights the topic in-depth using example hands and makes us aware of the relevant factors to come to a decision in Odds & Outs situations.


odds out Theory Video

Comments (6)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Advanced Odds & Outs discussion from Cornholio!

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  • Yoghurt1973


    Great vid, thanks Cornholio. Next one with UI Bluff Chance example?

    Please make a chart for this, TAG, LAG, FISH :D
  • squat666


    wow, accurate counting of odds sure takes a terminator-like mind. nice vid, thanks
  • squat666


    outs :)
  • SZEBI18


    Hi Cornholio!

    Nice vid! Could you explain me how can you get the TA(R)IO?

    I thought the TA(R)IO is the weighted average of the 3 szenarios AVG (R)IO. But with this calculation I got different TA(R)IO value.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Cornholio


    Thank you for your Feedback! :)

    #2: UI Bluff Chances would be interesting to calculate, indeed. However I think i´t more difficult to get hard facts out of it, because the assumptions of what somebody folds for 1 BB on the river are always a bit like guessing. :) But the calculations of Bluffs will follow in future Vids.

    #3: That´s true :) However you manage to get much closer everytime, if you generally develope a good feeling for ranges and combinations.

    #5: The Calculation should be as easy as RIO1*4/10 + RIO2*4/10 + RIO3 *2/10. Propably this is what you calculated?
    In Fact I get a different result, too.(-0,074). I think there was a minor mistake, might be a wrong copy&paste :) But this is how you calculate it and in this situation it doesn´t change things:
    - The Call is even more minus -ev after considering the RIO
    - The Call only gets +ev with the UI-Win-Chance.
    Thanks for the hint!