Dynamic 3betting Ranges - Part 1

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In his first video for the English community, Dengalne discusses 3-betting and in what ways we can exploit our opponents tendencies in relation to this.



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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the 3-Bet series from Dengalne!

    We look forward to hearing your feedback for his first video in the English community!
  • DanielK


    As a little christmas present, we released this video without restrictions for all our members. We will put it back to gold on the 1 January 2012
  • Heffron89


  • rytmus23


    thx a lot !
  • TheMoment


  • 2phil4u


    Very nice, another good 3-bet Series.
  • AstaKask


    Looking forward to part 2 and 3 in the series. You are explaining your thoughts very well, then I might not really know how to judge the quality of the content in terms of the levels you play, but think there is some thing to learn here for everyone.

  • Dengalne


    Nice to hear that you like it :)
    Anything that was unclear or anything just feel free to ask.

    Happy christmas everyone :)
  • manic0712


    great video
  • ukwagon


    Keep up the good work Dengalne A++
  • JohnyC1337


    gj!! btw. how long took setting your hud?:-D
  • luizsilveira


    Nice vid but quite basic tbh.
  • Dengalne


    It did not build it at once. I added some stats now and then when I thought I needed them.
    I think that is the best way to build your HUD because if u add 10 new stats atleast for me I dont use them but if I do like this and add 1-2 I just add those that I really think I need and then learn how to use them good. And when I think that I need another new stat for a situation that comes up very often I just add it and do the same thing all over again.
  • hardo


    Great video!Thank you
  • Kruppe


    better mic/sound please so we can enjoy the swedish accent
  • Kruppe


    wow, really good video!
  • Dengalne


    Any suggestions for part 2 and 3?
  • Dengalne


    Any suggestions for part 2 and 3?
  • AstaKask


    I would like one more video where you talk about your concept like i this video and maby one live video where you play one or 2 tables where you widen your 3b range alot and show us how too exploit and abuse reggs with loads of 3betting.
  • Dengalne


    Good suggestion, I thought 2 theory videos was enough aswell. Maybe I do a livevideo like you said for the third or a HH review.
    Anyone else got any ideas?
  • TilTmuch


    super good video, makes me want to play tracked :D
  • TetraQuark


    Could you put the ranges for colour coatings in OR 1st in. Thnx!
  • Dengalne


    # 22
    What does OR stand for?

    I can show the colour ranges if you want but I think they are not very useful I actually removed them when I built my HEM2 HUD.
  • marcc1983


    OR = open raise :)

    Good video, even for micros.
  • hantsch


    or = open raise
  • hantsch


    sorry 4 doublepost didnt refresh ..
    when is the 2nd part supposed to come ?
  • bigdwong


    Hi Dengalne thanks for the video. I liked how you talked about looking more indepth into situations and combining stats.

    For most players, we will not get a significant sample size on each position vs. our opponents (because most of us don't play high stakes yet). Given this, it might be better to focus less on these specific stats that we won't be able to use 95% of the time and focus more either on more general stats that we can build a meaningful sample on or how you get that valuable "hidden information" through game flow etc. in a live video or recorded session like a member suggested as well.

    Thanks! Looking forward to your next video.
  • Dengalne


    #24 #25
  • Dengalne


    I totaly agree alot of these things in the video are more suited to people with big samples. Especially the 4bet stats and some of the early position fold to 3bet stats.
  • Dengalne


    I have not yet made the second and third video so I will take all your feedback in to considerations when I make them. At the moment im thinking about a handhistory review for the second video to show of the situations im talking about.

    And for the third I have not decided yet but since alot of you have asked for a video of me playing it´s very likely it will be that.
  • Heave112


    i love your accent :D, anyways the video was cool even for ppl that play nl30/50/100 etc. Thing is maximum N#hands i have on regs have are around 3k. Do you think that is a good enough number to judge his steal/Fold3bet/4bet/fold to cbet in 3 bet pot on?

    Do you think these stats would be as useful @ the micros than @ NL400? Since I really never look @ Fold to cbet in 3 bet pot,Usually look more at fold2 3bet,4bet/open raise as per position.

    As a suggestion for the next video, you should do a live session were you use these stats and your thinking process maybe to teach us further. There is so much you can actually learn on paper, playing is where you learn the most especially after studying/reviewing I feel.Your HUD is like a newspaper xD, Imagine 10 tabling how could you see all the numbers ;p. I mean I 8-12 table and have a HEM2 hud of 3 lines and think thats alot (with 14 x/x/)
  • Dengalne


    I think 3k hands is not enough for the 4bet stats and some other more rare spots. But you can absolutely get a good feeling for thier BTN steal range and similar stats even though they are not 100%.

    And my HUD is not for 12 tablers ^^
    I play up to 6 tables when I use the HUD.
  • Dengalne


    Heard part 2 is coming out next week :)
  • szczerbiak7


    theoric : need example