Meanwhile in Russia...

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In a dubbed video from the Russian community


hand history review thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy this dubbed Diamond video from "Titanp0ker"!

    Let's us know if you enjoy the video!
  • fuerstIN


    I liked the video a lot! It's always nice to have some new Highstakes Coaches.
    Would be great to see more Videos from him :)
  • DonTabamsey


    nice vid, in the kk hand around min 13: you first said he probably caps aq, tt+ preflop (a semi-fish is in the hand, so i dont think he has a deceptive cap range), on that flop, he will 3-bet only tt+ (or 99+ if he capped that preflop), your play on flop and turn looks just ridiculously strong, so his range on the river is probably jj, kk, aa, maybe 99 and he might occasionally trap, so I am really not sure you have an "easy value bet" on the river, and even more so on the turn, where he still might have tt and qq. just saying its close...
  • Jaschamc


    this is so awesome!!
  • fuerstIN


    Are there any other Videos from titanp0ker or will there be some new ones? I would really be interested in some new Videos!

    Could you please explain your HUD?
    -Min 06:25:
    I think NeXen's play is perfectly fine with KK; Maybe you can cap teh flop to get an SB from carla but then risk to loose a SB from you.
    on which street(s) do you think he overplayed his hand?
    otherwise nice Vid ad good explanations.Hope to see some more vids :)
  • Ratatuj


    titanp0ker has now 9 videos (mostly diamonds and some platinum) and is producing from time to time.
  • fuerstIN


    I somehow can't find any other videos than that one from titanp0ker.
    Could you please send me a link with the videos? thanks :)
  • Ratatuj


    As description says he's Russian and all vids are in Russian and have to be dubbed...
  • titanp0ker


    #3 yes, u right. I think that his 3bet range on flop is "tt+", and on flop we stay well, but on turn come very bad card, and our equity going down. So it's really close on turn.
  • titanp0ker


    #5 about my Hud.
    2)contin. bets flop-turn-river / floats turn-river OOP-river IP
    3)check-raise on turn and win after it on SD/ check-raise river and win after
    4) raise in position on turnand win afer / raise in position on river and win after
    5) donk flop-turn-river
    6) fold on flop-turn-river / fold on raise on flop-turn-river
  • titanp0ker


    #5 about Nexen and T8s hand.

    I think he always must cap on preflop his hands, bz he loose too many value if not do it in multiway pot. And I think he do one raise more than need on postflop if he not put me on overplaying some hands
  • p0rkus


    Nice to see some user questions being answered pretty quickly :)
  • Ratatuj


    yarri you can't write comments in Russian here. This vid is available in Russian here:
  • fuerstIN


    thanks for the fast answer!
  • strixsr


    Great vid with likeable dose of self-reflection! :-)
  • Farnemo


    Very nice! Please more dubbed material soon. :)