180 Man Review - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2 - $3.40
  • Fullring
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A 180-Man, $2.50 Review from our MTT expert AaronLambert, enjoy the video!


hand history review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new user review from AaronLambert!

    Please leave any feedback or comments you may have!
  • dexter182B


    nice theme! where i can find such?
  • pokerjan


  • BaggerSmurf


    The KK hand (8:58). Is there a reason to just call there instead of shoving, knowing that you will put in the rest of you stack on any flop?
  • HariRadovan


    I liked the video and also think that the hero has a promising poker career because he played very well and made no big mistake at all.
  • z4tz


    @4 The shove from the shortstack is not enough for it to count as a raise so when it comes back to us we can only call or fold, not raise.
  • AaronLambert


    @4 6 is right :D

    @5 I agree I think he has a bright future!
  • Maximus1349


    min 21.18:
    Hero had 64o in the BTN and round about 16K chips, 2 sec later he only has 7603 chips and KK in SB. What happened between this hands?
  • madein1984


    05:40 I actually do tend to cbet small on those boards too, but considering the opponent who very likely is a station, I don't ever see him folding an ace on that flop. That would make a big cbet smarter, so we can get it in on turn and river much easier. The bad thing about it is that he might call once with small pockets on a 150 cbet, which he most likely folds on a big cbet. Balancing should not really matter here.
    In this exact spot, I think 150-200 is better because of the stack we have left for turn and river, but if hero had 3k as well, I think 300 might be more optimal at these micros
  • taschendamenfalter


    #8: aaron just rewinded the vid to get a read on villain (the 99-hand of hero)
  • Maximus1349



    Ohh, thx for the info. I don't knew that...
  • madein1984


    25:30 if you were BB, would you call with AKo? I think I'd rather tend to fold this, seeing that both players have been playing reasonable so far and are in early positions. I would asume, that our hero here would not overship with AQs, so I really wouldnt beat a single hand from his range.
  • sz3sz


    i really enjoyed your explanation for folding nines or tens (cant remember, and already refreshed video) facing an early position openraise in early late stage, but personally i would never ever consider folding that hand in that spot being up to date with these sngs ;). It's always EV+ spot to push there - we still do have FE on the OR and people after us will be calling extremally tight (which makes this hand fatal in some cases - cause we are almost never raise/folding nines/tens in that stage of 180 turbo) vs known opponents. As there are just 24 combinations of better hands (lets stick to tens) there is just 1,6% range crushing us, so most of the time we will be gettin it preflop or facing 'a better side of a flip'. Probably on the 8$ and 15$ turbo your point of view would be more accurate here.

    cant wait for the second part.
  • encani38


    hi, translate in spanish

  • AaronLambert


    @13 I can see your explanation would you put it in with 7s or 8s here?
  • AaronLambert


    I should add 99 I still feel is a great fold but TT might be a hand that you should be willing to play here...

    In the 8 and 15 I'd feel good about folding TT against a default
  • sz3sz


    well, i assume that he will be raise/calling with 77,ATs,AJo and raise/folding with 55-66, A9s,ATo,KQ - and there is too big difference between playin eights and nines here.
    Given the positions i would fold eights - i would be more willing to shove them around CO (after the bigstack folds) while there are 3 shorts left. Player dependend i would ship sevens from CO sometimes.
  • tatisan


    38:28 I think AJo from the button is an open push, especially since you dont want to get called and miss the flop. In this particular hand, the hero did hit the flop and it was all so easy.

    All in all, hero has been pretty lucky so far. Good run of cards and held almost all hands.
  • AaronLambert


    @17 I think your range is a little wide here and a hero with his stacksize should really never be raise folding here. I would assume we really have almost no fold equity here and if we do it is really small!

    But we don't have to agree :D thanks for watching and leaving a comment.
  • AaronLambert


    @18 you could shove.. he seems to be on the cusp of being too deep to be shoving here and I have no problem with raise getting it in because at this point you should be getting 3bet shoved by several worse aces and KJ type hands.
  • Rainmy


    very good video :)
  • AaronLambert


    ty Rainmy!
  • coccolino69


    a great video, but I cannot find part 2 ... am I blind or it isn't a part 2? :)
  • AaronLambert


    @23 part 2 just released!
  • marleyy11lux


    Thanks for the video, it really helps a lot as I´m trying to break this mtt´s atm.
    Still the Hero´s got nice handrun here !
  • RekopX


    sry but how pickt this hand history just super boring standart situation not one push or so how is nearly close
  • MEGAM2000


    #26 +1
    this tourney was way too easy, really bad choice for a review, not a single moment under 10bb, hope to see another video soon
  • FlipFlop123


    good video i also agree with the 2 above me it was not that hard to play with the hands he had,and am glad that i am close to what this hero was playing :)
  • bashpepe89


    14:34 what would ur raisesize be with 84s?

    nice video btw!
  • bashpepe89


    ahh more like 13:40 sry!
  • AaronLambert


    3x to discourage action...

    Part 2 had more interesting spots!
  • atradimai


    18:00 GREAT
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks atradimai :)
  • Chemikm


    The analysys were good but I don't think that folding nines once on the whole tournament from EP is enough to predict future to our hero. Other thing is has anyone noticed he got action on every premium hand ho got and won it? I can do that easily. There far more 'difficult spots in our tournament life then folding nines once.C'mon that wasnt that impressive. I also don't think that waiting for a premium hand at the beggining is so fundamental for you EV. There are many fishes at the beggining that are cool to pay you off with even a weak top pair. playing suited connectors at this stage I find more EV+ since flops are chip to watch and as I said many people can pay you off. Btw what do you when your premium hands dont come? Ever? Sooner or later you are forced to play even any if you stick to the starting hands table.