WCOOP with chenny8888 - Part 2

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Chenny continues with the WCOOP Review in part 2


hand history review series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the WCOOP from chenny!

    Please leave any comments or questions you may have!
  • viktor1337


    #1 good1
  • sirilidion


    could you explain a bit more in detail why you think you have reverse implied odds in a deepstack situation against a tight player?

    I mean I don't think anyone here would play a large pot just hitting a 7 or 8 or so. since the tight player range is probably something like TT+ AQ+. But really if the flop came 277 or 278 I can't see how he could get away with JJ+ or at least put in a large percentage on hit stack.
  • hazelasty


    its movie for gold+, you shouldnt explain why u fold q8o etc.
  • freemot


    If you are calling the "horrible" 3betsize of uaredead lol (min 41) with T5s, which flop are you willing to continue, when you fold flushdraw in that spot? I don't think that's a good play.
    Isn't Q9o a CO-Steal? So: I don't understand #4. Keep on explaining marginal spots!
    Nice vid...
  • pepemourinho


    are you doing any more coachings of S&G??
  • chenny8888


    @5: we got position, so we can flop a pair and call flop, play pot control turn. Alternatively we can continue if we flop a draw, taking freecards etc. Perhaps we can also turn our hand into a bluff at some point. The power of position so deep is pretty significant, and it's something you REALLY need to negate by charging more with 3bet sizing preflop.
  • chenny8888


    @6: yeah, coachings will be back on in February at the absolute latest.. I have PCA and Aussie Millions until then. As for videos that will be probably ~April at the earliest. I have the other 3 videos of this series to release as well as my review of my WCOOP Main Event play.
  • chenny8888


    @3: it's just a case of not flopping good often enough. And if you flop good, your opponent still needs something to truly give you action. And you can't make sure he doesn't control the pot or anything as you don't have position. And then when you don't flop good, you simply have a super weak range on the flop/turn that allows your opponent to barrel you off of. So basically you get owned way too much to justify calling. So when I say we have reverse implied odds I mean that the few implied odds we have from flopping trips, 2pair etc is far outweighed by the times we flop a pair, check/call once and fold the turn/lose the showdown. (alternatively if we call just to hit trips or 2pair on the flop then simply our pot odds + implied odds are not good enough)
  • sirilidion


    I find it stange though you call it against a looser player. a looser player will often not anything won't he just give up way more often if you do hit a good hand? Or are you planning to make some oop floots and thus think you get the equity or do you expect him to bluff off a lot of his stack if he was loose? I didn't think he would get away from overpairs often enough considering at the 6 min mark you mention about the same player that his range is tight and that he won't be folding often.
  • jimmy99x


    Its good video . thanks alot .
  • chenny8888


    Against a looser player the pair that I flop and check/call flop with will get to showdown often enough as the best hand. Against a tighter player I don't want to get pwned by the stronger range. It's not to do with implied odds, it's simply pot odds/equity vs range.
  • spade14


    how du you play the 78s hand if you dont hit the turn and miss the flush and its checked to you? would you b/c or would you check behind
  • chenny8888


    what minute? generally I evaluate turn cards based on our fold equity/how many 2nd pairs our opponent has in their range.
  • nnssoonn


  • sneakysmile


    you yust cant say he has JJ or AK there :)

    and as allweys i enjoy your video!
  • VSBGimli


    nice video, you could sometimes also show the action of other players, like in 36:54 UTG raises and MP min3bets, I would like to see what happened there... and what you can say about that.