How about some Low-stakes for gosh sakes... - Part 2

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faarcyde delivers a multitable review of the $15 SnG's at Down from his usual stakes, faarcyde takes us through the first SnG limit where people are said to make a comfortable living, only when faarcyde doesn't sit at their table of course...


How about some Low-stakes for gosh sakes ICM PokerStars series Session Review

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  • my49cents


    of course SH and FR are similar, but i think FR and FR are more similar :D

    things like bubble play is quite a bit different with 3 players instead of 4 i guess.
  • vidrata


    Thanks for the interesting video, Faarcyde. Keep up the good work!

    It would be really cool, if you make a video on the $60s regular speed STTs on Stars. Just an idea :)
  • kurrkabin


    That's another good video of yours. Thanks! There were interesting spots as well!

    8:40- it looks really thin to me :) This is guy is passive as well, the board hits his range, we only beat a bluff. I think I'm gonna have a really hard time calling there.

    19:50, this board really does smack his range. Would you check behind A highs and 9x as you mentioned? It's basically the same thing imo, we have showdown value and he probably re-steals most of his Ax type of hands. Would you call any turn vs this guy with 9x or Ax once we check behind? Which ones if yes.

    24:40 min raise with KJ bvb on table 3? I guess you just mistyped it something. I much rather go for like 250. And then on the 28:25 with TT you say you min raise to trap this guy, only that now we are a bit shorter and on the bubble. So you do basically raise 2x on the t100 lvl bvb?

    31:39 raise/call bubble with 77 for 20bb as a midstack. I understand your reasoning, but I think this is a bit too off. He definitely has a wide re-stealing range, which after seeing A4o, I assume is any ace, any pair, most broadway, some mid-high suited connectors. We don't do good enough to r/c vs those either given ICM here.

    P.S. the invisible trash talk in the chat box + thanksgiving explanation was just hilarious:P Not to mention "mom, if you are watching, it's not true " ROFL hahahahaa !
  • mktpppr


    good vid as always, seeing SH is good for FR-only players, pls keep SH
  • faarcyde


    @Gavron23: Don't see many Qx in his range unless it is Qxcx, a lot of missed draws, can't really have two pair or flush.
  • Grastone


    looks like standar play everything to me....
  • Gavron23


    The hand is A9 on the bottom left on 8:40 min - sorry for the confusion.
    you were explaining your thought process for calling on the bottom right, but it the call with A9o seems much more tough/thin, at least to me :)
  • faarcyde


    @Martiangoblin: Thanks buddy, means a lot.

    @ VeeRtje: Sorry, I can't find it. I got it at Sort by popularity, should be somewhere..

    @Gerovit: Yeah, I am a little rusty on my push/fold ICM for 6m and FR :-)

    @my49cents: I have to disagree. Even if someone doesn't play one or the other they can still learn something from the other game. They are reasonable similar.

    @Gavron23: I'm not really sure what hand you are talking about, can you be more specific?
  • Gavron23


    8:50 Bottom left You were ready to fold, but said "With his bet size idk" and called. What swayed you to make the call, because to me it seemed like a value size 2/3 pot?
  • oblitron


    I have to agree with Gerovit, A6o seems too loose. Also see this video, which uses A6o as an example.
    Great video otherwise. :)
  • my49cents


    i dont like mixing FR and SH, cause most people just play one type, so half of the video is 'wasted'.
  • Gerovit


    A6o 14 bb-s shove from bu you call it unexploitative or close, seems too lose for me, what are you expect them to call with? (Nash is A90)
  • veeRtje


    Link to wallpaper?
  • Gerovit


    "mom if you are watching it's not true" rofl
    Mrs faarcyde's mom if you are watching:
    He is a good kid indeed!
  • martiangoblin


    Faarcyde, keep up the great work... i always learn something new from every one of your videos.
  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the low-stakes series from faarcyde!

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