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In this video, lessthanthreee goes back to basics on betsizing.


3bet 4bet betsize PokerStars Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from lessthanthreee! Please leave your feedback below.
  • SolidSilver


    silent :(
  • amikron


    yeah bit silent but 120 watt can help :D (or an average headphone), btw lessthanthreee can u tell me what kind of stats u use in the second line?
  • santostr


    I think a hand review would be better on the topic. Maybe part 1 deep (probably filter VpIP = true) and part 2 shove/fold stage with all the hands.
  • enjoy2playAK


    @2:50: that K8s hand... I felt like you were glad to get away cheap on turn and river after isolating you vs tight range... Personally, I would like the call on flop more instead of the 3bet. If he has a better Kx u keep the pot small, if he has a worse FD and a club hits you get it in anyways (also if u hit and he cant fold Kx) and maybe he has some bluffs in his range too, because he thinks u cbet this Kxx board 24/7 and starts spazzing around with QJ on further streets... what you think about my thoughts?
  • lessthanthreee


    @amikron , AGFQ,FlopAGFQ, fold to steal, fold to cbet, # BBs.

    Ive changed it back to just AF not the AGFQ. no real difference though.

    @santostr, ill add that to the list of videos to do. thanks for the suggestion

    @enjoy2playAK, its one of those spots where the EV shouldnt be that different between flatting flop and 3betting flop because our hand is so strong. Another reason I like to 3bet the flop is to build a big pot with my monster. If i just flat its a lot harder to get the chips in when I hit and he has a non-flush hand. All your points are very valid. Im still a bit undecided on whether flatting or 3betting the flop is best.
  • enjoy2playAK


    yeah ur probably right that both plays doesnt tak
    yeah, i guess ur right that it is not a huge difference EV-wise between them ;)

    @25:50: ATo call is -EV according to nashranges... if he pushes looser than nash, its a call, but as he was fairly tight till yet, i doubt that... against unknowns i just fold there most of the time... because, depending on his range it can be a -0,60% mistake or a call... i rather make slight -EV pushes like your 86s later, than such difficult calls vs randoms...

    @30:36 the 56o vs 99 hand: nash says you can push 100% and he could call 77+, ATs+, AQo+.. 99 has EVDiff% +2,3.. so it seems ok to me ;)

    @33:04: when the fish is raising 4bb there it usually means a tighter range as a normal... we still have 16bb, so i just fold A6o there, as it performs very bad vs his range

    all in all i liked your video! hopefully we dont see each other on the tables! ;)
  • enjoy2playAK


    haha sorry, messed up the first sentence xD
  • ilrasso


    you mention 3 betting types. What about betting for protection and block bets?
  • lessthanthreee



    ATo - I think most unknowns shove any ace in that spot ITM.


    I hate using the term 'protection' bet. you dont want to 'protect' your hand. you want to charge draws (ie. value-bet). if you are betting to get a worse hand to fold, thats a fundamental mistake.

    blocking bet is also just another type of value-bet.
  • nekrikstas


    offtopic: how do you make note a hero in pokerstars? and what is that note? ;-)
  • nekrikstas


    *on a hero
  • nekrikstas


    oh, I figured
  • lessthanthreee



    not sure what you mean haha. did I say something stupid in the vid?
  • my49cents


    plz dont mix 6max with FR. most people are just playing one type, so its not as effective as one type only
  • labatidora


    no entiendo.. lol!!


    @k8: imo obv valuebet on the rivr. i'd say that he 4bet-shove KQ on the drawheavy bord postflop/or better, and that he'd donk KJ on the rivr to get value from KQ or K+fd. the only possible hand he cld have and that beats u is imo K10. but perhaps he folds K10 postflop, after getting 3betted oop.
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the good video :)
    I have a question about minute 23.05
    Bottom right ATo hand - you usually say that flatting with <30BB oop against a reg is not such a good practice - is there anything in particular that swayed you to do it now?
  • lessthanthreee



    its a really weird hand, def one of the more interesting hands ive had in a video lately. I beat K3,K4,K6 lose to KQ/KT/K9. I could probably value-bet the river against his FDs that rivered a pair like QcJc/Jc9c . for this reason i think i prefer a thin river vbet.


    this reg is kind of bad. so i like playing pots with him. ive started opening up my oop flat range SLIGHTLY in spots like this. its still not good to play a lot of pots in the SB this deep especially vs regs. i probably should have been more disciplined and folded ATo here calling ATs.
  • akrammon


    @04:00 what do you think about opening the A9o on top right(on the flop)? lot of villains but super dry board.
  • lessthanthreee


    @akrammon, too many opponents. people dont like folding these boards in limped pots (lots of small pairs in their ranges)
  • grindtolive


    31:00 i think if the player knows you shove any two in the bubble he can call even 88.Would you have fold in this spot?