A Little Review: fruktpuff - Part 2

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psigrind feels the pressure during the JonathanLittle review, as he discusses the plays made at the 275 Euro "Steps" tournament in a Hand replayer review. This is a freezeout tournament with eight seats to a live event.


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Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the userreivew from Jonathan & psigrind!

    Please leave any questions & feedback you may have below!
  • Grastone


    lucky bad play
  • santostr


    Some usefull stuff, but not much. A lot of "I'd push this because you didn't push when you should have" that is not realy usefull.
    I think the video has some merit but:
    1) It should be silver or even bronze.
    2) It should not be done by JonathanLittle
  • smokinnurse


    1) It should be silver or even bronze.
    2) It should not be done by JonathanLittle

    cmon guys ... gold?
    r u serious?^^
  • DanielK


    Thx for your Feedback. I downgraded both videos to silver! But still its on purpose that coaches often review bad plays. Because from mistakes our Users will learn the most.

    But i agree that it fits better for silver!
  • blacklotuc


    "Pocket aces.... Aces are good" - no shit :)) . Very nice review (both parts) and very nice attitude towards the hero :))
  • major20111


    oh men i wanna review such players :) really great stuff ^^
  • bj355


    This guy is a total fish. I can understand reviewing players who aren't that great, but I think as a general rule it's best to stick to guys who have some type of logic behind their plays. Regfish are fine, but please, no fish. You're the only guy I'd still watch reviewing someone as blatantly horrible as this guy.
  • Heffron89


    Its obvius that this guy plays scared money = no good coaching vid material IMO.
  • pleno1


    @26:15, you advocate a jam bvb for 36bbs, did you misread stack sizes? wow you say the same at 29:00 to jam 36 bigs w/76? seems like icm suicide in a satalite.

    33:09, don't you prefer a c/c ott if we think hsi range is more weighted to draws? I think you are incorrect that players would call it off with a draw here when they call pre with 20bbs. anyway i think his range is pretty clear as a10+, you say he "may fold ak if you shove turn" but seem pretty confident he calls with a flush draw if we jam?

    35:00 you dont really mention it but it seems like a good spot to 3bet jam vs a co opener who has become more aggro recently and we have a blocker and good stack size for a jam and he should call super tight

    39:00 really cool spot to consider for the bb, i call a8+ kj+ and 66+ i think

    wp Frukptpuff, ul in Riga!
  • pleno1


    ^^ my comment from 35:00 what should we be jamming here if we havnt got a seat locked?