180 Man Review - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2 - $3.40
  • Fullring
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A 180-Man, $2.50 Review from our MTT expert AaronLambert, enjoy the video!


hand history review

Comments (25)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the 180-Man Review !

    Please leave any questions or feedback you may have below.
  • Meatfly404


    16:00 3hAh I would cbet every time after villain's check.
  • madein1984


    18:42 I think this should be a fold, considering that MBranches hasn't got that many chips left and will call us pretty wide here. Nash says we can push with 1,8bb or less, here we have more than 6bb.
  • AaronLambert


    @2 I have no problem with a cbet I just hate stacking off being 2nd in chips here with 4 left.

    @3 I like the idea of raising and calling off the short stack in the SB and folding to the BB. The BB was pretty tight against us to this point so he shouldn't be 3bet shoving on us wide imo.
  • Aruniux


    18:43 BB have 3.64 CSI your push range is 70% and 42s is 90% push range, so 42s was bad push
  • pepemourinho


    3:50, Don't think is a good spot to steal against two biggger stacks because they could 3bet you very light knowing that you should fold the most % of the time for the reason that there are too many short stacks and because of the payout jumps
  • XtremeFly


    @6 You mean the guy that limps T9o otb and then stacks off with T high? He knows that you should fold to a 3bet because of the pay jumps?
  • pepemourinho


    @7 I mean on a general situation given those stacks situations
  • AaronLambert


    @5 I give more weight to the fact we have chip leverage over our opponent then CSI does so I shove wider.

    @6 I think with our stacksize we can afford to raise fold in this situation and our table image is tight. Even if they elect to call which is more likely we get to play in position. I doubt either of these two understand the situation and are going to 3bet against us lightly.
  • variancekiller


    I will have to look at the hand more closely since I can't right now, but the reason I shove 3 handed with 75o is:

    1. his bet looks so much like a resteal
    2. I think 99% of the people at $2.5 don't know how to induce a shove here or make a bet to "commit" themself and so I think he is by no means committed.
    3. This board won't hit him often enough to make his bet believable he is more likely to call with broadway type hands.
    4. He would have shoved if he had a made hand imo
  • variancekiller


    with resteal I mean he doesn't believe I have something but wants to find out as cheapily as possible (resteals are not in these players moves most of the time)


    gg and great review!
  • AaronLambert


    Sounds good to me with the 75o and your thought process sounds good. Very risky but huge payoff so nice play!
  • AaronLambert


    Ty sukit
  • OliOlsen11


    Wp hero!
    And nice bluffs with the A7o and 57o hands. I think I would've thought the same but didn't have the balls to kick it :-D.
    Only slight criticism I take it like Aaron. You missed some pre raising spots (e.g. K9o 4-handed).
    All in all you played pretty well and you got to move up as soon as possible!
  • OliOlsen11


    @Aaron. Great vid, keep it on! Enjoyed it very much.
  • jimmy99x


    ty . good and verry nice bluffs
  • FlipFlop123


    gg,wp great video thanks Aaron !
  • DKDJ24


    very nice vid! like to see more, maybe moving up the 180s...
  • bashpepe89


    wp, enjoyed hero's play as well as the commentary. keep it going
  • ILuvBeachVB


    Good analysis, thanks for the video.
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks for the kind comments guys! I'll have a bigger buy-in 180 later in the year.
  • laurinavicius


    Quite a nice run considering the fact that he is not experienced in the 180 man turbo sng's. However the 57o hand at 21min was awful. Although raising preflop ATC there (knowing that your opponent is a nit) gains a lot of value if he's folding, 4bet shoving in that spot when villain is basically committing himselft with the 3bet is terrible in my opinion.
  • AaronLambert


    I agree
  • MaHnaK


    I agree about hero being little tight and also fact that hero made pretty good folds pre-flop.